Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Giveaway - Seeking expressions of interest

Seeking expressions of interest

I would like to run a special Christmas giveaway on my blog and am seeking expressions of interest. You can participate if your book has previously been featured on this blog and you are willing to donate an ebook copy of your book for the giveaway.
Please visit the Authors page or Books page if you need to check if your book has been featured.
The Christmas Giveaway blog post will feature a link back to the blog post about your book (which contains your book links and social media links). The Rafflecopter will feature one or more of your social media links. The giveaway will run from around 24 November to 24 December.
If you would like to participate, please comment below or send me an email.

Amanda Green - My Alien Self: My Journey Back to Me
Amanda Green - 39 (Memoirs of Amanda Green)
Monique Rockliffe - The Door
Monique Rockliffe - The Sword Bearers Books 1-3

Christoph Fischer - The Luck of the Weissensteiners
Christoph Fischer - Sebastian
Christoph Fischer - The Black Eagle Inn

J. J. DiBenedetto - Dream Student: Dreams Book 1
Hunter S. Jones - Fables of the Reconstruction
Hunter S. Jones - September Ends (coming soon)
K. P. Ambroziak - The Fifth Empire: The Journal of Vincent du Maurier
John Lansing - The Devil's Necktie
Bart Hopkins Jr. - Sign Changes
Paulette Mahurin - The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
Paul R. Hewlett - Lionel's Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule
Paul R. Hewlett - Lionel's Christmas Adventure
DJ Edwardson - Into the Vast
DJ Edwardson - Jammer and the Blade (coming soon)
Jude Ouvrard - Wonderland (Fall Fires)
Ben Woodard - A Stairway to Danger
Ben Woodard - Steps Into Darkness
Grant Overstake - Maggie Vaults Over the Moon
Kea Alwang - Treehugger (Based on a Dream #1)

Wendy Cartmell - Steps to Heaven
Justine Edward - Shine 
Sarah Michelle Lynch - A Fine Profession: The Chambermaid's Tales Part One
Kathryn Elizabeth Jones - Marketing Your Book on a Budget
Greta Burroughs - Gerald and the Wee People
Greta Burroughs - Patchy and Calico's Summer Vacation
Greta Burroughs - Christmas with Patchy and Calico (coming soon)
Lexi Revellian - Ice Diaries
Lexi Revellian - Replica
Lexi Revellian - Torbrek and the Dragon Variation
Denele Pitts Campbell - I Met a Goat on the Road
Billy Wong - Iron Bloom
K. R. Hughes and T. L. Burns - Fateful Night
Chris Robertson - My Yellow Umbrella
Gaelen VanDenbergh - Running Against Traffic

Rhonda Patton - African Safari with Ted and Raymond
Maria Savva - Coincidences
Mary Ann Bernal - The Briton and the Dane: Concordia
Kim Cresswell - Reflection
Kim Cresswell - Lethal Journey
C. Martin Stepp - Walking Backwards
C. Martin Stepp - Two Thursdays
T. Aramis Barron - Roaming Cadenza and Dustland Requiem
Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone - The SockKids Meet Lincoln
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Grab the Rafflecopter code if you want to start promoting this on your own site. The Rafflecopter will be updated regularly. Donations will be accepted until 23 December.

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