Saturday, November 9, 2013

"My Yellow Umbrella" by Chris Robertson

My Yellow Umbrella
by Chris Robertson

I seem to be reviewing a lot of children's books lately. Here's another one! My Yellow Umbrella is the latest release by Chris Robertson. Please don't miss this one. It would make a great gift idea for a special child in your life.

It's a beautiful day for a yellow umbrella!
Bright, retro-inspired illustrations accompany a little girl on her dreamy day with a yellow umbrella.

I step inside my yellow umbrella
and float away,
like a daydream drifting down
a windy river.
Then I soar high above the clouds
with my yellow umbrella,
my feet never touching the ground.

The girl who owns the yellow umbrella looks forward to a perfect day spent with her favorite "toy". We follow her through her imaginative games, always accompanied by her cute dog and her precious yellow umbrella.
This lovely picture book is dedicated to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Its story is gentle and comforting, paying homage to that one special item each of us had in our childhood. It celebrates the power of a child's imagination to use a simple everyday object to transport them to other worlds.
The story is complemented by the beautiful, simple, old-fashioned illustrations by Chris himself. They are reminiscent of those found in the Harry books by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham. I'm not surprised to hear that these books were a special part of Chris' early life.
Highly recommended.

About the Author
Chris Robertson is just a big kid at heart who happens to write and draw children's picture books. His most recent book is My Yellow Umbrella. Although Chris doesn't own a yellow umbrella, that didn't stop him from creating a book about one!
Chris's other books include the Amazon's Best Seller, I'll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich, Little Miss Liberty, Kit and Kaboodle, The Tooth That's on the Loose!, and Pandora's Box with Julia Dweck. Chris' whimsical cartoon style feels light-hearted and carefree which seems to perfectly match his humorous writing style.
While in elementary school, Chris was introduced to Curious George, Madeline, and Harry the Dirty Dog by way of the Bookmobile. The introduction left such a strong impression, that even at an early age, Chris knew children's books were going to be an important part of his life.
Chris lives in Pasadena with his wife and three boys, all of whom do not own a yellow umbrella either.