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"Chasing Fireflies" by Taylor Dean

Chasing Fireflies
(Power of the Matchmaker Book 7)
by Taylor Dean

Chasing Fireflies by Taylor Dean is the seventh book in the Power of the Matchmaker series which features one recurring character – the matchmaker. The series will consist of twelve standalone novels by twelve bestselling authors, which will be released once a month throughout 2016. Currently available: the prequel novella Power of the Matchmaker (FREE; read my blog post), Broken Things to Mend (read my blog post), Not Always Happenstance (read my blog post), If We Were a Movie (read my blog post), Love is Come, Four Chambers, and O'er the River Liffey. Available for pre-order: Between Heaven and Earth.

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My sisters think I’m crazy.
But, I’ve never forgotten the mysterious woman from my childhood who told me Paul is the name of my one true love.
She told me to search far and wide for him.
I haven’t stopped looking ever since.
When I stumble across an article about a successful American entrepreneur named Paul who lives and works in China, I’m intrigued. When the opportunity to teach English in China presents itself on the same day, I know it’s not a coincidence.
It’s destiny.
My sisters say I’m chasing a dream.
Just like the fireflies we tried to catch on the warm summer evenings of our youth, the dream seems beyond my grasp. Will my quest for the elusive Paul always be just short of fulfillment?
My sisters tell me it’s a fool’s errand.
Until I remind them of the day we saw the Red Bird.
The memory silences them.
The Red Bird Incident remains inarguable - and proves my search for Paul is not a silly fantasy.
I will find Paul ... I will.
Note: This book is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series. Each book in the series is a standalone novel. The books can be read in any order, and they all have one thing in common: The Matchmaker! I suggest reading the prequel novella, Power of the Matchmaker, first. It tells the story of how the Matchmaker became the Matchmaker. However, it is not required in order to understand this book.

“Savannah, you’ll always be my baby, even now when you’re twenty-six years old.” Her voice wavers unsteadily as she tries to express herself in her weakened state. “You were a surprise to us all. I thought my child bearing years were over, and then along you came, ten years junior to my youngest child. You were a joy to raise. Quiet and unassuming, content to spend your time watching your sisters and their crazy antics. But it’s your time now, my dear sweet girl. No more watching.”
“Mom ...” I whisper, angst evident in my tone.
“Life will happen for you, Savannah. I know it will.”
The defeated feeling that sometimes besieges me must be etched in my features because Darling Emma lifts her head off the pillow with strength she doesn’t possess, ready to object.
“Don’t give up, Savannah. I know life has thrown you some hard knocks. But you are strong, stronger than you think. I know you’ll find your special someone, I know you will. Keep searching. I want you to have love in your life, a love like I have known. It’s my greatest wish for you, the utmost desire of my heart. You are a special girl, Savannah. Never doubt your worth. Promise me you’ll never give up on life. Promise me you’ll demand a life that requires all the love inside of you, a life that reaches inside of you and squeezes out every ounce of love from your heart. Only then will you find happiness.”
I have no idea how to find that kind of life for myself.
Mom doesn’t mention my obsessive search for Paul, even though I know she’s never approved of my determination to find him. Instead she’s doing as she’s always done, kindly leading me by the hand toward another path.
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Praise for the Book
"It was like Taylor Dean left a trail of chocolate chips leading to a plate of delicious cookies at the end. Yummy! I had to eat every single one and now I’m full and feasting on the satisfaction of a well written story." ~ Author Charissa Stastny
"Taylor Dean is such a creative and skilled author that she has the ability to make the unusual and the unthinkable seem real." ~ Lisa, Goodreads Reviewer
"As always I lose myself in Taylor’s books, experiencing rather than reading the story, from that first glance and butterflies in my belly, to the inevitable heartache, to the amazingly captivating events that lead us to the blissful happily ever after." ~ Mylissa’s Reviews and Book Thoughts

About the Author
Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children. Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding she had a passion for writing, specifically romance. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense – you’ll find all sub-genres of clean romance in her line-up.

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