Saturday, May 16, 2015

"The Evolution of Lillie Gable" by Kristen Otte

The Evolution of Lillie Gable
(Eastbrook Book 2)
by Kristen Otte

The Evolution of Lillie Gable is the second book in the Eastbrook series by Kristen Otte. Also available: The Photograph (only $0.99).

The Evolution of Lillie Gable is currently on tour with Reading Addiction Book Tours. The tour stops here today for an excerpt. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

Meet Lillie Gable - high school sophomore, outgoing, beautiful, athletic, and funny...
She is the life of any party. Her boyfriend, Jake, is a smoking hot senior, and Lillie is on track to be a starter on the varsity girls' basketball team this year.
But trouble looms behind the façade. Lillie's home life is a wreck. Her father is hiding a secret, and Lillie is determined to find the truth, even if it tears apart her family.
While she searches for the truth about her father, the last thing Lillie needs is a feud with Angela Barrett, the brass, bleached blonde senior who is the queen of the rumor mill. Angela is determined to ruin Lillie's reputation because she has set her sights on Lillie's boyfriend, Jake.
Heartbroken and humiliated, Lillie can't return to the life she once knew.
Does she have the strength and resolve to forge a new path now that everything is changing?
The Evolution of Lillie Gable is a young adult realistic fiction novel for teens 14 and up.

It was almost ten, and Jake needed to go home, but she didn’t want him to leave her in the empty house.
“I have an idea,” he said. He threw on his T-shirt and stood up. “We both don’t want this awesome summer to end, so I think we should have one more day of summer.”
“What are you saying?” Lillie asked.
“Let’s ditch school tomorrow. We can spend the day at the beach. It will be quiet because everyone will be at school, and we get to have one more day at the beach,” he said. Excitement was written all over his face.
“Ditch? I don’t know, Jake,” she said. She loved his impulsiveness, but ditching school could get her in serious trouble.
“It’s the first day. You know nothing happens on the first day. Teachers aren’t paying attention to who should be at school and who isn’t there. It’s the perfect day to ditch. We’ll leave at the same time we should be heading to school. Your parents won’t have a clue. They aren’t around ever.” He grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes. “C’mon, it will be lots of fun.” She turned her gaze from him and mulled over his argument. He’s right. The first day of school is pointless.
“Okay. Let’s do it,” she said. He grinned, gave her a big hug, and lightly kissed her lips.
“I’ll pick you up first thing.” He turned and walked out the door. Lillie locked the door behind him. She turned off the lights before heading upstairs. She brushed her teeth, set her alarm, and collapsed on her bed. The silence overwhelmed her. She switched on her television so she could sleep.

Praise for the Book
"If you liked The Photograph by Kristen Otte, you will certainly enjoy this second book! Kristen really seems to understand real life struggles that teenagers are going through every day. She writes in a way that flows easily and makes the story relatable to anyone who has had their share of high school drama or remembers their teen years for their hardships, as well as the things that made them feel alive. [...] Overall, the book is a great read that will have you wondering what is going to happen throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what comes next from this great author!" ~ Jenny S.
"I admire Kristen Otte's writing. It is distinct, well-depicted, heart-rending and impassioned. I think Otte did a really great job of creating flawed characters and making them grow. I would love to read more of her books in the coming days." ~ Claire "Coffeeholic Bookworm"
"The writing is good, straight to the point and without the distraction of extraneous descriptions. The story also carries a great message that actions come with repercussions. Overall this was a very enjoyable read!" ~ Nicola
"Lucky for me, I like young adult basketball because there is a lot of it in the novel, not in a distracting way but a teenager everyday kind of life way. Some of the phrases/jargon, I didn't understand; however, it wasn't distracting. I was pleasantly surprised to find a tad of suspense throughout the book. [...] The ending turns out exactly how I wanted it too." ~ Bree, The Things We Read
"I really enjoyed the book as a whole for it always gave a clear indication that our actions make us bear consequences for better or worse. The story felt real and focused. I liked how the characters didn’t get away doing things but rather witnessed their repercussions. This having said I also enjoyed the fact that even though the story has a lot to tell about everything it didn’t betray it’s title." ~ Warisha Reads

About the Author
Kristen Otte is an author who calls Cincinnati, Ohio, her home. Her mission is to bring joy and laughter to people young and old with stories. She writes books for children, teens, and adults. In her free time, she can be found running, reading, coaching basketball, playing board games with her husband, or walking her crazy dogs, Zelda the Pug and Peach the Boston Terrier.