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"The Boogieman" by Claire Amber

The Boogieman
by Claire Amber

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We follow 6 young women into a collaborated dream sequence hosted by the urban-legendary Boogieman.
Who will stay and who will wake up in cold sweat after witnessing such abominations of imagery called "nightmares"? Our host thus accompanies the girls to 6 different worlds and the final 7th world in their dream where he will claim what he was promised to receive. They shall venture through the past events of the USA's 1950s, the future, a lone island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the lost tomb of pharaoh Aswadbomani, a haunted mansion, the Middle Ages and finally those who are left shall see the gardens of Eden. Meet our lovely ladies: Sarah, the self-proclaimed detective, Giselle, the smart one, Natalie, one gritty b***h, Elizabeth, the cunning explorer, Lucille, that one character who is prone to getting into dangerous situations and then the others have to rescue her, and Hellen, the cheerful Miss Goody Two-Shoes who went to sleep only asking for one simple sex dream. They are each given a chance of a lifetime. A chance to unlock secrets to their salvation, hidden within the symbolism of their dreams... and a few very steamy encounters.
How this creature that brought the girls together came to exist and what his motives and goals are will all be revealed. He has nothing to hide, but he finds amusement in letting people figure some things out for themselves.
Think what you like, but you have been warned. The host of dreams in not only mystical, cryptic, perverted and fun-loving, but has also been proven to be quite dangerous if not approached with caution. We do not share the same definition of "fun".
With all of that in mind, I ask you this... Would you shake hands with the monster that lives in your closet?

She follows the officer to the back and watches him lock Riccardo in the cell with another man lying on the hard, flat bed, snoring loudly as a bear in hibernation. While she held on to one of the bars and stared into oblivion, she wondered if any of her questions would be answered. The man in the black jacket and shiny red and white sneakers didn’t care for her. He walked over to the other free bed as if she was not even there to begin with. A long, black tail hanging from the other bed caught her attention. She was puzzled. It was not a big surprise for her, but like the other girls, she will have to get used to the black devil changing roles and popping out on every corner. The beast stretched out and hung his head off the bed with his feet high up in the air like a little kitten that just woke up from a long nap. He smiled at her and winked flirtatiously for some unknown random reason. Her reaction was too light. She should have made a more distinguished “what the fuck” face.
- Listen to my therapist. I’m not the right person to talk to if you’re looking for a good time. - he laughed and wagged his tail around a few times while playing with his legs like a toddler.
- I’m a little confused. Actually, I’m very confused. Are you going to do the whole amnesia thing every time you change into a different outfit? - she gave him a very sour and sarcastic smile.
- Careful, sweetie. You keep talking like that and people will think you’re crazier than me. That’s quite an accomplishment.
- Forget it, there’s no point anyway. I’m still a little bothered by the fact that I’m sharing a dream with 5 other people. - she thought.
- Life is a wind that takes you to strange places. - his eyes wandered idly around the room as he spoke.
- Great, more riddles. As if I didn’t have enough of them in real life. - she groaned.
- I have a nice song to cheer you up, miss. - Boogie grinned and gazed at her.
- Oh joy. - she sighed.
- The shepherd had a little ram, whose fleece was black as night. And everywhere the shepherd went the ram would follow right. One day a little lamb returned who seemed to have lost its way. The shepherd danced and sang in joy, for the lamb was sure to stay. - he recited the lullaby softly with his gentle and twisted voice. - And so the little ram wonder how and why it was so: “Why is it praised for foolish acts? Why ever did it go?” “A lamb came back and has returned. So we must celebrate this day.” To the little ram, it was the only thing the shepherd had to say.
His voice began to intimidate the young woman. His stare turned into a fiery prison of a burning soul. Sarah could feel the presence of a demon in his voice after the fourth verse. She remembered him mentioning a black ram in his performance at the pub before, but this was different. As if he was trying to tell her something she couldn’t understand.
- Perhaps this will shed some more light to your vision, detective. - he sneered and spoke in a demonic voice once more. - There were ninety and nine that safely lay in the shelter of the fold. But one was out on the hills away, far off from the gates of gold. Away on the mountains wild and bare, away from the tender shepherd’s care. Away from the tender shepherd’s care…
- Parable of the Lost Sheep. - she muttered out timidly even though it was not in her nature to be afraid of something she knew would not hurt her.
She could still feel a cold sting piercing her spine by the two black eyes with red pupils that stared at her and gave her the same look the dead corpse of Mr. Accorsi did.
- Ah… So you do know. And the Parable of the Prodigal Son? - he asked while lying on his bed perfectly still and just staring at her without blinking.
- Yes. - she tried hard not to stutter.
The poor girl wished she could turn away and run, but something was stopping her. Her curiosity was overpowering her fear, thus keeping her near the bars simply to have her emotions and mind tortured some more.
- But… how could you really understand my grudge against it? You’ve never really experienced love. - he lost his demonic tone and spoke normally once again.
- Love can come in many forms. I had a loving family I grew up with. - she threw an argument.
- Yes, how are Mr. and Mrs. Maroon? I truly hope your father gets well soon. Send him my regards when you get the chance. Of course, I will not hold you to it. You haven’t spoken to them in years. - he laughed and slowly stood up and approached the metal bars.
- My parents are doing just fine without me. - she replied.
- Oh, you didn’t hear? - he smiled devilishly.
- I’m guessing you’re going to tell me. - she began to feel grave anxiety.
- He’s dying, Sarah. Cancer is not something you joke about.
- You’re making it up. - her lips began to shiver and her eyes began to water as she kept telling herself that he was telling nothing but lies to mess with her psyche.
- Maybe I can’t back my argument, but you do remember that nice young man whose heart you’ve broken? - he whispered.
- What do you know about Vincent? - she could feel a passionate anger boiling up inside of her.
- The man who never stopped loving you? The man you were too busy with “more important things” to notice? - he leaned closer and whispered in her ear. - The man who hung himself because of you?
- It wasn’t my fault!! - she shoved him away and shouted out at the top of her lungs. - He chose to end his life!!
- Then why does it bother you if you had nothing to do with it? - he inquired.
- Because I just want people to leave me alone!! - she screamed and hit the wall beside her with all her might.
After that outburst of energy and rage, she cried on her knees and panted.
- You think you don’t need love, but I can prove you wrong. We’ll see if you can use your hatred for humanity to defeat your nightmare. - the beast whispered in a demonic voice and disappeared in a puff of black dust as he was walking towards her and almost seemed like he was going to attempt to walk through the bars.

Praise for the Book
"Great characterizations, wonderful and beautifully detailed scenarios and plenty of relationship issues carry the story along smoothly. Not only do the young dreamers have to engage in some soul-searching, the reader has the opportunity to evaluate the responses and reactions of the characters." ~ Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

About the Author
Claire Amber is a young artist and literature enthusiast that seeks to perfect her craft and share her visions with the world. Her out-of-the-box way of thinking and immensely high levels of imagination will leave you wondering how someone was even able to think up the things you will see in her work. Having a thing for monster erotica, mystery and adventure, she mixes all three of those ingredients to bake some weird and high calorie cupcakes of literature and art.

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