Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Bewitching Book Tours Magazine" - March 2014

Bewitching Book Tours Magazine
March 2014

This month’s issue features gypsies, mermaids, belly dancers and more.
Our featured book this month is ‘Twas the Darkest Night by Sophie Avett. To showcase the series and spin-off series we have a fun "Sinister Stitches Dress Fitting Interview" guest-starring Jennifer Blackstream’s Marcella from Divine Scales.
Featured articles include:
  • "Why Paranormal Romance" with Ann Gimpel,
  • "Fascinated by Mythology" with Maria Hammarbald,
  • "Putting the 'Normal' In Paranormal" with Lisa M Airey,
  • "Pin Up Advice" with Ginger Kewl,
  • "Sexual Tension for Any Genre" with Amy Jarecki, and
  • "Belly Dance Connection" with Jill Bolduc.
Featured books and excerpts:
  • How to Be a Man by Tamara Linse;
  • Witch’s Bounty by Ann Gimpel;
  • After the Summerland by Patricia Proctor;
  • Of Fur and Fangs Boxed Set by D’Elen McClain, Skhye Moncrief, Sky Purington, Celeste Anwar & Teresa Gabelman;
  • Secrets and Lies by Christine Amsden;
  • The Dragon’s Heart by Eden Ashe;
  • Earth’s Blood by Ann Gimpel. 
Read interviews with Lisa Fox and Rebekah Ganiere.
Ignite your senses with erotic poetry by Roxanne Rhoads and fulfil your need for stunning visuals with a gorgeous "Gypsy Magic" by Steven Jon Horner Photography.