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"Skrymers Glove" by Per Holbo

Skrymers Glove
by Per Holbo

Per Holbo's NEW RELEASE is now available. The author is seeking reviews, so please read the book and leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

War in the Milky Way!
Two races, Aseir and Vanes, have allied against the brutal Yetten forces bent on dominating the entire galaxy. During experimentation with the Fyrkat device on planet Earth, two human children, Tjalfe and Roeskva, are abducted by the Yetten and now it's up to Thor, Loki, Balder, Freya and Sif to rescue them. Unfortunately there is a traitor among them and evidence does point to Loki, Thor's best friend. Thor struggles with the questions burning inside: could Loki really be the traitor or is something else going on? And will they succeed in saving the children's lives?

The sound behind him startled him and he turned around on his heels. The Yetten soldier looked at his weapon with a frightened expression and tried frantically to get it to work. Thor knew instantly how lucky he had been. If that rifle hadn´t malfunctioned there was little doubt Thor would have been killed right there on the spot. The short distance had definitely made it a sure kill if he had been able to fire. Thor reacted swiftly and the Yetten could do next to nothing as the fierce Aseir warrior stormed toward him and with a forceful jolt jabbed a knife deeply into his flesh just beneath his left shoulder blade and punctured his heart. The Yetten fell to the ground with a thump and Thor turned around to face the five Yetten soldiers who had rushed to aid their comrade and now pointed their weapons at Thor.
Loki saw it all from under the car and aimed. Two of them fell to the ground before they knew what hit them, but the remaining three managed to throw themselves flat on the ground. However, they had no time to appreciate their luck, because the moment after Thor made sure they were in no condition to fight.
The noise made the commander aware of what was going on. He burst with orders to his men as he ran toward Thor with his rifle raised shooting wildly at everything that moved. Thor saw it and ran sideways while returning fire. He reached Loki and threw himself under the car. The big Yetten commander ordered his men to storm the car. Thor and Loki quickly crawled out from under the car, turned it over and took cover behind it. Loki popped his head above the edge of the car to get a basic idea of the enemy´s positions and then sat down beside Thor with a disturbed expression on his face.
“Oops,” he said.
“Oops?” Thor responded, “What do you mean? Oops?”
“Erm... well, let´s just say that there are a few more Yetten soldiers than I expected.”
“A few more? How is that? How many more?”
“Look for yourself.”
Thor turned around and lifted his eyes above the edge of the car - not much, just enough to get a head count. His eyes widened at what he saw. From somewhere far away hordes of Yetten soldiers practically flooded through the northern entrance. Thor and Loki weren´t outnumbered ten to one, but more like a hundred to one! The Yetten had sent an entire regiment!
Thor turned around again and sat down with his back to the car.
“So,” he said, “that´s what you call ‘a few more,’ eh?” He looked at his friend with a theatrical resentment.
“It´s the entire Yetten nation out there!” he said in a loud voice.
Loki looked at Thor with a thoughtful expression. Thor looked back at Loki with a similar expression. Then they nodded at each other in a mutual understanding. They may be beaten, but they surely weren´t going to surrender. If this was to be their final hour, they were determined to go down with a bang!

Skrymer's Glove is the first science fiction novel I have read in a long time. I found this to be an interesting read. The book's heavily based on theories of space (black holes for example) and time travel. I had to reread many parts to understand the story. I thought the plot was intriguing (I find reading about black holes fascinating). I liked having to guess whether Loki was a traitor, and what was going on with the mission.
There was also an interesting point brought up about the differences between science and magic, especially in the context of the village. That could lead to some philosophical debates.
In the book, a type of alien species called the Yetten are interested in the Fyrkat device, possibly because of its transportation abilities. The Asers and Vanes created a defensive alliance together against the Yettens despite their bad history. This fails when the Yettens kidnap Tjalfe and Roskva.
Thor and his comrades, including Sif and Freya, attempt a rescue mission to Skrymers Glove, a paradoxical cluster of five black holes where their combined gravity exceeds the fabric of reality, to rescue the children. The supernovas that created the black hole do and don't collide. This is impossible, but yet, it happens anyway. Therefore, Skrymers Glove is a paradoxical black hole. To complete the rescue mission, Thor and his comrades have to go into this black hole separately. If they make one wrong move, it could kill them.
To top it all off, there is a traitor in their midst. When the team attempted to transport the children to safety away from the Yetten, they failed because someone tampered with the transport system. Who did this? Could it be Loki, who is Thor's brother but also a Yetten? Or is it someone else?
Will Thor and his comrades save the children from the Letten? Who is the traitor in their midst? What will happen with the Fyrkat device? Find out in Skrymer's Glove.

About the Author
Per Holbo lives in Denmark with his wife and four children (two boys and two girls). He holds a Bachelor Degree in History and Political Science and has worked for many years with children and adults with special needs such as autism, ADHD, OCD.
Per writes books for children and adults. Skrymers Glove is his latest release and is suitable for all ages.

From the Author
When I was a kid, about 8 yrs. old or so, I would lend at least 25 books at the school library for my summer break. At first my teachers shook their heads in disbelief and they were probably thinking to themselves: he is never going to finish all of those books. But coming back after the summer break, I was always able to give them a detailed review of every single book. Some of those books were trilogies such as Isaac Asimov's Foundation series and Ringworld.
I simply love books and though I like watching a movie just as much as everyone else, reading a book really is something else. By reading a book you construct pictures in your own mind instead of being served by a director.
But what I love the most about books is the possibility of finding several layers in the book. Things that you cannot find in a movie can be put into a book, because words can be used in such a way that other kinds of meaning appear or disappear.
I write about almost everything and anything, but always with my own speciality of "wry and dry" humor. I would like to describe it, but I cannot find the words - would you believe that?
I really hope you will enjoy my books...