Monday, May 6, 2013

"Gangsters of Paradise" by K. D. Parker

Gangsters of Paradise
by K. D. Parker

After seven long years at Tuccahoe State Penitentiary, Danny McLaren goes home to find that not much has changed. He still can't get a half-decent job, and what's worse, he now has a four-year-old daughter that his wife neglected to tell him about. If all that wasn't enough, it doesn't get much better for Danny when there's a race riot at Tuccahoe, and afterwards, his former cellmate and a couple of other cons show up at his house wanting a safe place to hide out. When Danny asks them to leave, they refuse. Their plan is to rob a bank so they can get enough money to sail to Paradise. Not only that - but they expect Danny to help …

If Quentin Tarantino were writing fiction today, I think he might be something like K.D. Parker. Parker not only writes great action and suspense, but he writes some really cool dialogue as well. I really enjoyed Gangsters of Paradise.

About the Author
K.D. Parker lives in Virginia with his wife and two sons. Gangsters of Paradise is his second novel. He is also the author of Shaman's Moon