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Romance is in the Air featuring Taylor Hart

Movie Star Romances Billionaire Collection:
3 Contemporary Clean Romances
by Taylor Hart

Movie Star Romances Billionaire Collection: 3 Contemporary Clean Romances by Taylor Hart

During February and March, we will be featuring 14 fabulous authors who write clean romance. Today we feature Taylor Hart with Movie Star Romances Billionaire Collection, yours for only $0.99.
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Enjoy the tough and tender ride of 3 Movie Stars and their journey to love. All of these movie stars are the kind of heroes the world craves and the kind of men that need a good woman to come home to. This collection is by best-selling author Taylor Hart!
Her Hollywood Fake Fiance
Grant Kent, movie star extraordinaire, doesn’t like the fact he has to have a fake ‘media’ relationship with his co-star to keep his movie producer’s happy. And he really doesn’t like the fact his brothers’ give him grief about it. So when he’s asked to help out at an acting camp for inner city kids, he jumps at the chance to do something real. Too bad the woman in charge tells him outright she thinks he’s a hack.
The talented Jewel Olympia only wants to help inner city kids by giving them an opportunity to learn acting skills. When she’s notified the week before Christmas that the P.I. she’s hired to track down her birth mother has a solid lead on her whereabouts, she decides it’s time to finally meet the woman that abandoned her in a hospital emergency room twenty-five years ago. Too bad an amazing looking movie star keeps bugging her to go on a date–bug off, she’s unavailable.
But when her parents show up on her doorstep asking where she’s going, she tries to distract them with Grant’s star power to avoid hurting their feelings. When he blurts out he’s her fiance, everything gets derailed and she finds herself on a jet to Jackson–this is not her life!
When a simple trip turns into a media frenzy, they’re left with a choice–trust in Christmas angels or lose everything.
The Masquerading Groom
When Sterling Pennington, movie star/billionaire extraordinaire, gets stuck with a paid date at a masquerade party…he’s not happy. Too bad his agent doesn’t want the press to think he’s lonely after the pretend break up with his latest co-star. The arrangement makes him feel like a loser, until he sees the woman in the sequined dress.
Sayla Jones made it clear she would only take this date if the egocentric movie star knew he got three hours before she turned into a pumpkin. That’s all. She never imagined she might actually connect with him, or that he would kiss her. Good thing she slapped him for good measure.
Sterling never expected to see Sayla again, and he really wasn’t expecting to find her at the hospital. The next thing he knows, he’s taking her home and spending the next four days cooking, listening to Neil diamond on a record player, and putting braids in her hair. His feelings intensify when he finds himself admitting out loud, she even looks cute while drooling in her sleep. What’s happening to him?
When Sayla confesses she believes they are too different to make it work, Sterling is faced with a choice—fight for her or live alone in the world of masks forever.
The Love Potion Groom
B.C. Knight, A-List movie star, just wants to put up a front and get through his court-mandated stint in rehab then get back to L.A. The last thing he wants is to meet a beautiful, grief-stricken woman who sees right through him and makes him reconsider the direction of his life. When he takes a chance and kisses her, it’s like finding the role he’s been searching for all of his life. Too bad she slaps him!
Kira Moonwater’s life turns upside down when her Nana, the woman who raised her and taught her to follow her dreams, unexpectedly passes away. The only thing on her mind is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and decide if her ‘saving the world’ boyfriend is going to be part of her future.
She tries to keep a professional distance in her new job at the posh ‘movie star’ rehab facility but it’s harder than she expected. When she follows B.C. to a secret ‘hot spring’ grotto, both of their masks start to fall away and she discovers B.C. is much more than just a movie star.

Excerpt from Her Hollywood Fake Fiance
“Just keep yourself off the grid for a while,” Grant Kent’s manager, Steven, said over the Bluetooth.
Grant pulled up to his LA home, relief washing through him. He was looking forward to being off for the next two months. His latest movie was done, and he was on his way to securing his next script. “What do you mean, ‘stay off the grid,’ Steven? It’s not like I follow the paparazzi around. They follow me.”
Steven sighed. “Kent, I thought it was clear in your contract. You and Tracy are supposed to stay a couple through the premiere in January. So I don’t care if you guys broke up privately; in public, you’re still a couple.”
“I caught her in bed with the stunt guy.” He kept his voice even, but the image of it all flashed through his mind like he was standing in the grocery line and accidentally got a look at the Enquirer.
“These things happen. You’re still contractually obligated to stay a couple in public.”
They’d gone through it all before. Without fail, the conversation left Grant frustrated. “I have to go, Steven. I just got home.”
“Just remember to stay away from women. The least you can do is not be seen out and about with someone else. If you can do that, I think you’ll be in a great position to get the next Batman role you’ve been dying for.”
“What?” Grant perked up, suddenly interested. Being a superhero in a movie had always been his dream.
His agent scoffed. “It’s been talked about, so don’t tick the producer off. He’s the one doing the new Batman film.”
“Really? Fine.” The garage door opened, and he pulled his blue Mustang into the garage. “I didn’t make it a public breakup, so everyone still thinks I’m with Tracy. Why do people even care that much? They know we’re just co-stars.”
“They care.” His agent was stern. “Focus, Kent, and all your dreams will come true. Just keep telling yourself, ‘I’m Batman.’”
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Praise for the Book
“One of the best/believable movie star books I’ve read. Real life with real issues and emotions. I could see a little of myself in them. Such a fun escape.”
“Taylor Hart is one of my favorites! I love how these characters met, how their courtship went and how they could see each other. So sweet.”
“This is a quick and easy read. I enjoyed the overall idea-it’s sort of a fairy tale type story where the uber rich and famous guy falls for the down on her luck, average girl.”

About the Author
Taylor Hart
Taylor Hart is a best-selling author of contemporary romance, sweet romance, and light suspense romance novels. Her acclaimed Last Play Romance and Bachelor Billionaire Romance Series will leave you wishing for more strong heroines and swoon-worthy men.
A little about Taylor, she has always been drawn to a good love triangle, hot chocolate and long conversations with new friends. Writing has always been a passion that has consumed her daydreams and forced her to sit in a trance for long hours, completely obsessed with people that don’t really exist. Taylor would have been a country star if she could have carried a tune – maybe in the next life.

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