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"Lowcountry Incantations" by C. J. Geisel

Lowcountry Incantations
(Lowcountry Book 1)
by C. J. Geisel

Lowcountry Incantations (Lowcountry Book 1) by C. J. Geisel

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Quinn Riley has just had the rug pulled out from under her. The entire focus for the twenty nine year old has been her job in Savannah, Georgia. After being laid off, she is quick to start the hunt for another job when she is struck by a car in a pouring rain storm. She believes she is dead, as she stares upon her own lifeless form and is greeted by a stunning girl in a blue dress. Upon waking from a two- month coma, she learns that her sister Mallory has been making plans for her, but the experience she had with the mysterious girl continues to elude her. Quinn is trying to wrap her head around all that has happened, adjusting to a new life with a practical and attractive stranger, Caleb.
Quinn knows that there is more to the vision she had that fateful day and entrusts her sister and new roommate to help fill in the blanks. During a fact- finding mission, Quinn and Caleb run into Leah Sawyer, a forensic psychologist who went to school with Caleb. Quinn experiences new and uncomfortable feelings of jealousy and wariness around Leah, but reluctantly agrees to allow Leah to help in any way she can.
Meanwhile, her visions return and become more vivid, filled with disturbing images involving the mysterious girl and what may have happened to her. Realizing that what she is seeing may be real, Leah seeks out the expertise of law enforcement and her dear friend, Mama Cornelia. With Mama Cornelia’s eccentric insight, Quinn discovers that there is far more to the story than she could have imagined. Digging deeper into the investigation, Quinn wonders if she has gotten in over her head. Her own safety is at stake as she discovers the truth about the mysterious girl’s past. Amidst an active police investigation and spiritual encounters with Mama Cornelia, Quinn realizes that there is no turning back, and she must learn how to protect herself and those she loves all too quickly.

Sirens wailed all around me and I was well aware something was terribly wrong. Maybe my first clue should have been that I couldn’t feel anything; everything was numb. It was as if I had suddenly become weightless, and everything was pitch black. Convincing myself it was time to open my eyes, I summoned the strength to peel my eyelids back to realize I was staring down at my own contorted body. I heard my heart beat loudly in my ears. Panic overwhelmed me as I tried to process what I was seeing. Thunder continued to clap loudly overhead while the rain splattered the lifeless version of me, as well as everyone else looking on. Paramedics were rushing to my aid in what seemed like slow motion. I could hear muffled screams from police officers telling the crowds to move back.
I felt a firm tapping on my shoulder, and turned abruptly (although, without a body, I’m not sure how) to see a stunning, albeit pale young woman in a tattered royal blue dress. She was soaking wet, and the pained expression in her sapphire eyes and blue coloring of her skin and lips told me we were both dead. I was wondering if she had been hit, too, if we had both tried to rescue the dog. I saw no other body around other than my own. Where was her body? I opened my mouth to speak, to ask what on God’s green Earth was happening, but no words would form. I studied her meticulously, noting how delicate her features appeared. She seemed pixie- like, even though she was dripping wet.
Just as I was beginning to feel mesmerized by her, she turned to leave. The back of her snowy white hair was encrusted with mud and leeches. My mouth was agape in horror, and the screams I tried to form wouldn’t project from my throat. Darkness descended upon me as the radiant girl standing before me faded with it.
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Praise for the Book
“This book had many elements that I loved. It had a certain creep factor that I enjoyed not overly but just that little bit of eeriness that makes you pull the covers up closer. The story was complex and interesting. I loved the law enforcement element as well as the visions that Quinn had. CJ weaves a great story and I can't wait for the next installment in this series.” ~ lora hasse
“This book drew me in. I can't wait to see where the storyline goes from here. Learning about Quinn, as she finds out more about who she is and her journey to answers. I read the book from start to finish in a day. This is a must read. I can't wait to see what happens next.” ~ Tschoop
“CJ's characters are so descriptive, they jump off the page. I can practically smell Mama Cornelia's perfume. Fast paced, she covers mental illness, the plight of the pit bull, and strong family ties. Also contains a good dose of humor. An excellent read, CJ, give me more!” ~ Jeanne S

About the Author
C. J. Geisel
C. J. Geisel is the author of the paranormal crime thriller Lowcountry series. She lives in Florida with her boyfriend, family, and dogs. She is an animal advocate, especially for those who are misunderstood or disabled. She also loves baking, photography, and travelling.

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