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"The Cherish Story" Series by Cheryl T. Long

The Cherish Story Series
by Cheryl T. Long

As the Flowers Bloom: A Floweret (The Cherish Story Book 1) by Cheryl T. LongBursting of the Flower: Springing of the Bud (The Cherish Story Book 2) by Cheryl T. LongFull Blossom: From Decay to Rebirth (The Cherish Story Book 3) by Cheryl T. Long

Author Cheryl T. Long stops by today to share excerpts from all three books in The Cherish Story series: As the Flowers Bloom, Bursting of the Flower, and Full Blossom. Cheryl says: “This book series is for every person with a dream who needs their hope reaffirmed; it shows that against overwhelming odds humans are capable of blossoming. It is also a memorable and inspiring read for all persons that have had to ensure any form of sexual abuse; it teaches that you're more valuable than you may think and that your dreams are valid!”
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As the Flowers Bloom:
A Floweret
(The Cherish Story Book 1)

Living in a two-parent home would seem ideal, but for this little girl.
Cherish Flowers is a six-year-old child prostitute trafficked by her father, and her mother knew about it. Although severely sexually and mentally abused, she finds a way to deal with her life as it is. She takes solace in her ability to dance.
Cherish is in love with the dancing, but can she survive the daily travails of her life?
With no formal training other than her passion for dancing, Cherish has finally gotten her big break, but it might cost her everything. Unable, to put the nightmares of her past and the man that abused her out of her mind, she soon finds herself spiraling under those bright lights.
Will this flower bloom? Or will she wilt?

"Cherish!" Father grunted barging into my room. I was lay on my bed pretending to be asleep.
"Get your butt up this minute! I told you last night that we were going to the café’ today to meet a client.
“And don't make me come over there and smack you!"
I stood up slowly and trudged towards him. “Hurray up and get dressed!” he yelled.
"Bernard, there's no need to involve her in all of this, she's just a kid" Mother pleaded but Father was not going to have any of that, his mind was made up as he put his hands firmly on me and led me out of the house. Outside waiting as usual was my mother’s sister Aunt Sherlyn.
“STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD, Cherish! That soup isn’t free. Behave yourself for once. You’ve got better things to do with those hands of yours.”
Even at eight, I have experienced enough to understand what that last statement meant. At times, defiant furies stir in the pit of my gut forcing me not to behave.
I plunged my fingers into the bowl of soup again, twirling them as I hummed. It was almost impossible not to imagine I was actually dancing on stage, with millions of fans screaming my name. I’ve always loved dancing. I’m not really sure why but it came naturally to me. My fingers moved with the elegance of a swan, twirling, and breathtakingly beautiful. My pinkie did a spectacular twirl and splattered chicken noodle soup in my father’s face.
“I said stop that!” Faster than I could blink, his hand whipped up and struck me across the face. The sound reverberated through the cafe. In my periphery, I could see heads swivel in my direction, but none lingering for too long. My cheek stung.

Praise for the Book
“The writer’s expertise is shown in the way she carves out different details and scenarios as relating to human experiences with style, engulfing the reader in a world of raw truths and situations. From the first page to the last, her writing style and story continuity is sure to keep you glued till you get to the end.” ~ Delaware News Reporter
“Amazing book.must read!” ~ Bryan johnson
“This book is a true page turner. Keeps you reading to the end. It is hard to put down!!!” ~ Jacquie reading
“This was a very interesting story – ‘the triad’ and dynamics of the characters were very believable. Cheryl kept my attention throughout the story - the flow was flawless- Great job of capturing the spirit of the ladies in this novel. Awaiting your next novel - consider it Sold!! Congratulations!!! ~ Rae
“Wow! What an Awesome book!!! This book had me the edge of my couch! So many mixed emotions I felt Cherish's hurt and pain. At one point it was so deep I had to put the book down to wipe my tears😢. Get the book you won't be disappointed. I'm looking forward to part 2!!!” ~ Shida
“This book is really an eye opener, a reality of what's happening all around. It's a must read for our young and old.” ~ Amazon Customer

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Bursting of the Flower:
Springing of the Bud
(The Cherish Story Book 2)

Forced out on the cold streets of Philly, Cherish has finally hit rock bottom. Her life as she knows it is circling the drain. After years of doing anything it takes to survive she meets a woman named Dorothy who offers to help her change her life for the better.
Given a safe place to live by a woman who helps wayward girls in, Cherish finally has a place she can call home. However, the past is never far behind for Cherish, will she be able to accept the help offered to her? Or. will she wind up back out on the streets?
Even though her life is on track Cherish can’t stop thinking about her dreams of dance. And her dreams of true love. But, the only place she can find work as a dancer is at a gentle mans club.
Which is where she meets the man of her dreams.
An older gentleman who works as a musician and knows everyone in the business. With connections, money, and power he offers Cherish the life she always wanted.
But, the more she gets to know him the more she comes to find that her new life has hefty price. Dragged back down into a life she tried to leave behind, it will take everything Cherish has to get away.

I woke up to the acrid smell of weed wafting into my nostrils; this was the norm at Frank’s. I was a bit startled to find Frank on the floor injecting his self with what seemed to be a syringe.
It had to be the famous Crystal Meth because he threw his head back on the couch which graced the one-room apartment and screamed in sheer excitement.
I drew the sheets closer to myself still looking at him in that mortified manner. I knew the moment he knew that I was awake he would question me regarding the last client.
It had been three years since I had run away from home into the big vast emptiness of the world, into the waiting arms of Frank. Away from the cruelty of my father and all the years of countless abuses, this was supposed to be my refuge.
Instead life has piled up like sharpened knives ever ready to impale and destroy my sanity. But I was entirely wrong, the streets of Philadelphia were no different, it is full of every kind of darkness imaginable; the high of drugs, the pimping of innocent girls as potential whores and the desperate want for money.
Mother, she had never ceased to be in my thoughts, I could still see her lying on that floor in my mind’s eye, with that gold knife impaled into her, the ground soaking up with the growing puddle of blood.
Frank still hadn’t noticed that I was awake yet, he was busy giving himself another shot of meth. It was all he used the money I made sleeping and sucking off different men for. After I escaped that night from father and the gory spectacle of mother’s body lying on the floor, I had taken to roaming the streets and exploring the deeper parts of the city.

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Full Blossom:
From Decay to Rebirth
(The Cherish Story Book 3)

A compelling tale about perseverance, grit, friendship, love, passion, and resilience. This book captures the very essence of being human and the challenges we are all too familiar with in the pursuit of our dreams. When Cherish Flowers flees from her home after the murder of her mother at the hands of her father, she was certain that her troubles would finally come to an end; and she would be free to dance as she pleases.
But in the new world, this twelve-year-old runaway soon discovers that her struggles are far from over as she encounters new obstacles in her strive to put the pieces of her life together. As the misfortunes kept trying to outshine her efforts, she is forced to confront the most daring of situations to reclaim control over her life.
Is Cherish going to achieve her dream; is she going to get back the reins of her life or has she been dealt too many blows than she can recover from?

All I could feel was the encroaching darkness, enveloping me and shattering my consciousness. Voices drowned out by sirens neither farther nor near, I could hardly feel my body; it didn’t seem to be there, all that remained constant was the pervading gloom.
Sometimes I could hear Charlie’s voice faintly flitting down towards me, and my blurred-up vision could make out several people crowded around me; most probably EMTs that had been dispatched after Charlie’s 911 call.
“Cherish… can you hear me? Stay with me!” Charlie’s voice which seemed quite disembodied and vague, but I wasn’t really listening; the searing pain had somehow subsided, but it was still very much there like a thorn stabbed in scrawny flesh, then the darkness came again leaving me senseless.
“Ma’am we’ll have to take it from here, just meet us a North-western Memorial” one of the EMTs named Franklin, in attendance, said to Charlie.
“But she’s my friend I’ve got to be with her” Charlie protested.
“Yeah, we know; but we want her comfortable in the ambulance, you can follow us as soon as you can” another EMT; Josh Brandon added, checking Cherish’s pulse.
“Alright, I’ll be right behind you” Charlie asserted racing and flagging down a cab, the ambulance was soon on the move.
“Stabilized her yet?” Franklin asked wiping sweat from his brow, “She sure doesn’t look like she’ll survive the night” he muttered looking at Cherish who had an oxygen mask affixed to her nose and several intravenous infusions attached to her body.

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About the Author
Cheryl T. Long
Cheryl T. Long was born and raised in Philadelphia and has always loved writing stories. While in the fifth grade, Cheryl had a teacher who really sparked her interest in writing. He always told her that her story telling was quite unique for her age. From that moment on, Cheryl had one vision in her mind - give the people around her an imaginative outlet. She is a mother of four beautiful children and enjoys cooking, fishing, and talking.
Cheryl is the author of The Cherish Story series, the self-help books Love Yourself and Facing the Fear of Being Alone, and the upcoming mystery Sleepless Nights.

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