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Romance is in the Air featuring Elizabeth Johns

The Loring-Abbott Series Box Set:
A Collection of Regency Romances
by Elizabeth Johns

The Loring-Abbott Series Box Set: A Collection of Regency Romances  by Elizabeth Johns

During February and March, we will be featuring 14 fabulous authors who write clean romance. Today we feature Elizabeth Johns with The Loring-Abbott Series Box Set, ON SALE for $2.99 today only (20 February).

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Enjoy an entire family through their adventures and loves!
Surrender the Past
After suffering a brutal attack at fourteen, Elinor Abbott avoided men, finding refuge in America until war sent her back to England's shores. Viscount Easton, wounded and sent home, falls for the unrefined beauty on the voyage home. Can Easton help her overcome her aversion to men? Can Elinor conquer her fears and give love a chance?
Seasons of Change
Cruel pranks motivated by jealousy spoil her betrothal and send Lady Beatrice Chalcroft, daughter of a Duke, into rustication at an orphanage in Scotland. Lord Vernon decides to move on and forgo love, until a chance meeting awakens his heart to Beatrice, but he isn't sure love is enough to overcome her shrewish ways.
Seeking Redemption
Lady Lydia Markham and Lord Nathaniel Fairmont find love in a whirlwind season, but a tragic incident caused by his wild behaviour force him to leave abruptly and join Wellington. He comes home and unexpectedly runs into Lady Lydia - but will secrets and war spell disaster for rekindling their romance?
Shadows of Doubt
Gwendolyn Lambert's finds her life reduced to penury and homelessness after her father is killed in a duel, and her invalid mother dies. Her godmother, the Dowager Duchess of Loring, is determined to see Gwendolyn taken care of and restored to her rightful place, and schemes to bring her handsome grandson up to scratch as Gwendolyn's perfect love match. But will they be able to overcome being separated by oceans, storms, and the interference of scheming mamas?
Second Chance
The Dowager Duchess of Loring has a chance meeting with a flame from the past - Luca Faranese, Conte de Salerno - a man who was never able to forget the woman who stole his heart. Fate gives them a second chance, but will their love be enough to keep them together forever the second time around?

Oysters. His lips felt like wet, slimy oysters. Ironically, oysters also made her feel like she was going to retch. Elinor held her mouth tight against the assault on her lips, trying to breathe through her nose despite the noxious odours emanating from his person. She stared at the wall, wondering how this could have happened. She should be safe from unwanted advances in a school of all places! How could she get out of this as quickly as possible and not hurt his feelings?
Elinor felt a cold shiver and began to sweat. She had to stop this immediately before she lost all control. She placed her hands on his chest and gently pushed.
“Mr. Wilson, please! This is hardly appropriate behaviour for friends.” She hoped that got the point across, because she felt the tell-tale signs of clamminess and rapid heart rate beginning.
“But Miss Abbott, you must know how I feel about you! I want you to be my wife!” He slid his hand over his few remaining strands of hair atop his shiny pate, a gesture he made when nervous.
“No, sir.” She paused and shook her head. She spoke more calmly than she felt. “I truly did not know. I am quite flattered by your feelings, but I am afraid I have no desire to remain more than friends. I sincerely apologize if you misunderstood my affection for you to be more than platonic.”
Oh no, here they come: the stages of rejection. 
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Praise for the Book
“Johns’ wonderful, well-crafted characters come alive in this engaging series…These characters are well written and lovable and will keep readers turning the pages.” ~ LibraryJournal
“Elizabeth Johns’ books have never disappointed. From the cover to the last page, these books are amazing. The stories are all well-written, and while they can stand alone, they are even more enjoyable with every additional book in the series.” ~ K. Simpson
“I had a hard time putting them down! I also love that she is so talented in redeeming characters into honorable and endearing heroes. Each story stands alone but I found myself leaving each one wanting to know more. She delivers in each book. I’m hooked and will hunt down everything Elizabeth Johns writes. Bravo!” ~ C. Miller

About the Author
Elizabeth Johns
National bestselling author Elizabeth Johns was first an avid reader, though she was a reluctant convert. It was Jane Austen’s clever wit and unique turn of phrase that hooked Johns when she was “forced” to read Pride and Prejudice for a school assignment. She began writing when she ran out of her favorite author’s books and decided to try her hand at crafting a Regency romance novel. Her journey into publishing began with the release of Surrender the Past, book one of The Loring-Abbott Series. Johns makes no pretensions to Austen’s wit but hopes readers will perhaps laugh and find some enjoyment in her writing.
Johns attributes much of her inspiration to her mother, a retired English teacher. During their last summer together, Johns would sit on the porch swing and read her stories to her mother, who encouraged her to continue writing. Busy with multiple careers, including a professional job in the medical field, author and mother of small children, Johns squeezes in time for reading whenever possible.

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