Tuesday, February 12, 2019

"Ava" by Charyse Allan

(Hart Twins Book 1)
by Charyse Allan

Ava (Hart Twins Book 1) by Charyse Allan

Ava, the first book in the Hart Twins series by Charyse Allan, has just been released and is ON SALE for only $0.99 this week only.

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Ava has everything planned, as usual. Finish senior year at the top of her class, perform her best dance routine at the dance concert, and have the greatest prom ever. But her best friend, Cade, has other ideas. He convinces Ava to abandon her rigid schedule and enjoy her last year of high school. After letting her hair down for one amazing night and exchanging a steamy kiss with Cade, she's ready to explore this carefree side of herself, until someone plays a cruel joke on her.
Humiliated and hurt, Ava retreats into her carefully constructed box, hoping everything will go back to normal. But it doesn't. What she thought was a prank has turned out to be so much more, and she doesn't even know the half of it. Determined to handle the situation herself, Ava hides her true feelings from her friends and her new love interest but is quickly pushed past her breaking point.
The survival of a sickening betrayal, a broken heart, and a perilous attack mean very little when lost in a game you don’t even know you’re playing.

Going into full-on geek planner mode, she told me where they would set up the photographer and how they could decorate everything along with the theme. My complete attention was trained on her while she gestured wildly along with her explanations. She moved around the room, and I followed, beaming like it was Christmas morning.
When she was in the middle of explaining the cheesy outfits people could wear, I lost all control. Her enthusiasm, her excitement for life was far too captivating. This was the perfect moment to find out how she really felt about me, consequences be damned. I grabbed her arm, pulling her close and pressing my lips to her silky-smooth ones. The gasp I swallowed appeared to be a good sign. At least she wasn’t shoving me away.
The scents of vanilla and cinnamon clouded my senses when I tangled my hands in her soft curls. My heart pounded in my chest as she clutched my shirt in her fists, holding onto me as if I were her lifeline. A simple kiss had never felt so amazing.
I stopped the kiss when we were only getting started by pulling her head back with my hand gripping her hair but murmured against her lips, “Let’s get some lunch.” Her glassy eyes gave me complete satisfaction.
Turning for the door, I left her staring after me all cute and dazed. When I glanced back, I caught her touching her fingers to her lips, which had to be burning as much as mine were. With a playful grin, I prompted, “You coming?”
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About the Author
Charyse Allan
Charyse Allan grew up in Arizona dancing and riding horses. She is an avid reader but didn’t become one until high school. This is also when she realized her passion for writing. However, it wasn’t until a couple years into her marriage that she tried her hand at writing a novel.
When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found in Northern Arizona, tending her garden with her husband and best friend, while their two kids and two crazy dogs run around the yard. Charyse is also a big fan of Holy yoga, juicing and being a vegetarian - she misses bacon like nobody’s business.

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