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This Week on Books Direct - 11 August 2018

This Week on Books Direct -
11 August 2018

This Week on Books Direct -  11 August 2018

Here's a list of some great articles you may have missed this week. Enjoy!

Does Literature Help Us Live? by Tim Parks for The New York Review of Books
Is literature wise? In the sense, does it help us to live? And if not, what exactly is it good for?

Does Literature Help Us Live? by Tim Parks for The New York Review of Books

Amazon says it removed several items of racist propaganda from its store in response to questions from a Democratic lawmaker - though white supremacist literature and other propaganda items remain widely available on the site.

Amazon Pulls Some Nazi-Themed, Offensive Items After Criticism, But Many Remain by James Doubek for npr

Barnes & Noble said sales of books related to anxiety are up more than 25 percent through this past June from a year ago because “we may be living in an anxious nation.”

Barnes & Noble Says Sales Of Books Related To Anxiety Are Soaring. Here's Why by Lauren Thomas for CNBC

An acclaimed Chinese novelist - who murdered four people and used the memory as inspiration for his stories - was sentenced to death yesterday, 23 years after committing the killings.

Crime Author Who Killed People And Used Own Murders To Write Novels Sentenced To Death by Christina Zhao for Newsweek

Anyone who has ever browsed independently published ebooks on Amazon will know the daunting, overpoweringly vast range of books available. With so much out there, it’s hard to find the good stuff.

How to Get the Best #Indie Books on Amazon for Astronomicon

What are the main benefits of self-publishing, as opposed to attempting the traditional route?

6 Reasons To Self-Publish Your First (Or Next) Book by Emma Wilson for AuthorRamp

Tattoos ranged from Dr. Seuss and Harry Potter to the library logo and a worm reading a book.

Book Enthusiasts Get Literary-Themed Tattoos At The Denver Public Library by Daniel Brenner for The Know

This dedicated group of librarians set about reuniting stumped readers with the books from the edges of their memories.

The Crack Squad Of Librarians Who Track Down Half-Forgotten Books by Jessica Leigh Hester for Atlas Obscura

When you think about the balance between writing and marketing, don't think of them as entirely separate. Try and think of how you can integrate marketing in a sustainable way for you that's creative and also meets the goals of what you want for your writing.

How Much Time Do You Spend Writing And How Much Time Marketing? by Joanna Penn for The Creative Penn

It’s not that millennials aren’t reading books - in fact, they actually read more than their older counterparts. But they’re reading in different ways.

Millennial Reading Habits Have Changed The Definition Of A Classic by Ajinomoh Ozovehe Caleb

“Given my love of art, and the way it plays prominently into these novels, the idea of re-jacketing my backlist was an exciting one,” Brown tells EW. “I always set out to write a book that is both fun and mysterious, and so I love the fact that there is more to each jacket than meets the eye.”

Dan Brown Unveils Striking, Mysterious New Covers For His Biggest Books by David Canfield for Entertainment Weekly

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