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"Step Out, Step Up" by Mark E. Green

Step Out, Step Up:
Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service
by Mark E. Green

Step Out, Step Up: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service by Mark E. Green

Warrior/Athlete Mark E. Green shares his inspiring story in his new book Step Out, Step Up: Lessons from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service along with the many hard-won lessons he’s learned through 34 years of military service and the many transitions he and his family have experienced along the way.

A must-read book for anyone who has endured trauma yet dreams of leading a successful and happy life. Mark E. Green, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army (retired), came from grinding poverty in rural Missouri, the oldest boy of six children. In this moving memoir, he candidly shares his unlikely path of working his way up from an enlisted man to an officer. Green served his country for thirty-four years (twenty-four in active duty). He was a member of the 82nd Airborne and “Soldier of the Year” for his battalion, as well as a pioneering member of the Army’s taekwondo team that went on to be recognized as the All Army Sports team that competes for the Olympics.
Green served two tours as an Inspector General, including a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan, where he was responsible for that role in the southern half of the country. After sustaining a potentially career-ending hip injury in his last month of deployment, Green fought his way back to full health, battling daily through an arduous recovery as he learned to walk again.
Green is dedicating the remainder of his life to inspiring hope, helping smooth transition, and improving resilience for his military brothers and sisters, veterans, and their families. He resides in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, Denise, son Adam, and Green’s mother.
Co-author Echo Montgomery Garrett is a multi-award-winning author based in Marietta, Georgia.
The authors are donating 10 percent of net profits from book sales to nonprofits serving veterans and their families, young people in poverty, and soldier-athletes.

Book Video
What books should you read to help you become a leader? HarperCollins Senior Vice President and Director of Creative Development Lisa Sharkey shares her #ReadToLead picks for the leadership books that changed her life 2017 and could change yours for the better. Top of the list: Step Out, Step Up: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service by Mark E. Green.

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Praise for the Book
“Mark is authentic by sharing many of his most personal thoughts at the most challenging moments of his life. We can all connect with what he is dealing with as he had overcome so much. There is a hint of humor, love, suffering, loss and so much more. Great read for everyone that wants to get a nice shot of motivation to keep shooting forward.” ~ Denny
“I, being a former soldier and law enforcement officer, enjoyed the read and recommend it to others.” ~ Joe Sanchez, co-author of True Blue: A Tale of The Enemy Within; Latin Blues; Red Herring The Stinking Trail: Police Corruption In Washington Heights; and Yellow Streak
“This inspiring book about a boy who grew up in a troubled home demonstrates how hard work, perseverance and sheer determination can turn someone's life around. It’s written in first person and drew me into Mark Green's often harsh world - and his triumphs. I hardily recommend it!” ~ Michael Goodman
“Not just a story about the military life, this story of perseverance and overcoming an extremely harsh start in life is relevant to anyone who thinks they're not able to do any better. Mark literally and figuratively lifted himself up by his bootstraps and carefully lays it out in this book just what one must do to change one's life, one step at a time. Very well-written page-turner that I highly recommend to anyone who needs that extra encouragement to set goals and go after them.” ~ Carol Montgomery
“Mark's triumph over dreadful obstacles life kept throwing his way is truly inspiring. One must focus on the positives rather than negatives life has to offer. A great book well worth reading!” ~ Yohana Arguello

About the Author
Mark E. Green
Mark E. Green started as a private in the US Army in December 1982 and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel on October 1, 2017, without a break in service. He gave twenty-four years of active duty, including three years in the 82nd Airborne, served in the National Guard as a combat arms–enlisted soldier and officer, and served as an Army Reserve full-time soldier. He served in Afghanistan as an Inspector General in charge of the southern half of the country, along the red desert from the borders of Pakistan to Iran.
As a young soldier, he was also a pioneer black-belt member of the first ever taekwondo team that went to the US Nationals and that led to the future All Army teams who became part of the Army World Class Athlete Program. That first pioneer team and all subsequent teams have competed annually for spots on the US Olympic team.
Green has devoted the remainder of his career to helping those in military service, veterans, and their families with resiliency and transition. He holds a doctorate of law from Taft Law School, Santa Ana, California, and a master’s degree in organizational management and communications from Concordia University, St Paul, Minnesota. He is also a Jack Canfield–Certified Success Principles Coach, and a graduate of Boots to Business program of Syracuse University and of the Army Corporate Partner (ACP) Mentorship Program. He completed Dynamic Speakers International SCORRE and is a member and officer of Lake Nona Toastmasters. He volunteers his time as a mentor for the Camaraderie Foundation that supports veterans in transition.
His purpose in sharing his story in Step Out, Step Up: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Transition and Military Service is to encourage others to have hope and recognize that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams. In Warrior’s Code 001 (releasing March 2018), he shares his secrets to developing a mindset that boosts resiliency and smooths transitions. He developed these strategies from his own experiences with his family, hard-earned lessons, and education, and is developing a curriculum around them.
His company, My Silver Boots, LLC, is a Florida-based, veteran-owned, made-in-the-USA small business, which has earmarked 10 percent of its profits to be divided among the following nonprofits that serve veterans and their families; underserved youth dealing with poverty, homelessness, or foster care; and US Army athletes.
Green resides with wife, Denise, teenage son Adam, and his mom in Florida. As one of the nation’s top experts on military transition, Green thrives on speaking about resilience and transformational change.