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"With This Click, I Thee Wed" by Bonnie R. Paulson

With This Click, I Thee Wed
( Series Book 1)
by Bonnie R. Paulson

With This Click, I Thee Wed ( Series Book 1) by Bonnie R. Paulson

With This Click, I Thee Wed is the first book in the Series of standalone romances by Bonnie R. Paulson. This book blast and giveaway is brought to you by I Am A Reader.

“Uh, oh, what did I do?”
A lonely divorcee…
A rancher who can lose everything …
One website that matches them for marriage …
They have to learn about the importance of decisions and family or lose their one shot at love.
Stuck in a town where everyone knows her and her ex-husband, Rachel is distinctly aware of who chose his side – everyone – and who chose her side – no one. Even her hairstylist won’t schedule her.
But when she finds herself alone with a bottle of chianti and the internet, Rachel stumbles upon The survey is easy and clicking “I Do” seems to be the magic button she’s been searching for.
Before she can snap out of her decision, she finds herself packed and flying across the country to meet her new husband.
Would her new life be better or worse than the hell she left behind?

Logan didn’t come into bed until well after the moon had reached its apex in the sky. I watched it ride the curve above the snow from my spot on the bed. The door closed downstairs and the muffled tick told me he’d made it home.
With my back to him, I hadn’t seen what he’d looked like when he crawled into bed, but the distance between us stretched like a canyon. Where had he been? Why hadn’t he called to tell me he was okay? Why hadn’t he answered my worried text messages?
When I woke up the next morning, he hadn’t been in bed or at the table for breakfast. Instead, an egg sandwich waited for me at my seat. I warmed it in the microwave while worry cooled my excitement to have him home.
I approached him in the barn after I ate. At least I knew he was home at that point. Kicking the snow with my boots as I got closer to the doors, I rubbed my lips together and searched for him on the initial barn floor. When I found him, he was spreading straw on the ground of the chicken pen he’d fixed up for the winter.
“Good morning, how are you?” I didn’t want to act nervous, or upset, or even worried.
He was a grown man, we shared house. There was nothing more to it. We’d set up a wall and neither of us was going to cross it. Our goals had to be reached with both of us working toward success.
Logan turned toward me, dark shadows under his eyes from the lack of sleep. “I’m good, thanks. Just getting to cleaning up the makeshift coop.” His smile wasn’t complete, and I felt like he was hiding more than just chicken poop in that wheelbarrow at his side.
“You were out late last night, was everything okay?” I offered a smile with my hands deep in my pockets. He didn’t have to tell me. I didn’t expect too much from him, but part of me was hurt that he’d keep secrets from me.
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Praise for the Book
“First, there is no cliffhanger!! That is important to me so I am assuming it is important to others as well. This is a very unusual story. it starts off with the heroine being recently divorced from her dirt bag, cheating, lying ex-husband. She has moved back home since she has nothing to show for the years of marriage – he got everything and she is depressed. She moved back in with the two people who should love her and support her no matter what. That is not the case. I have never seen two more hateful and unloving parents as these two. They belittle and do everything in their power to let her know she is nothing more than an embarrassment and a disappointment. It is very easy to hate these two.” ~ Gatorfan
“I will start by saying that I have not read a book by Bonnie R. Paulson that I did NOT like. I love the way she writes and I love the things she writes about. I find that when I read her books that I get pulled into them and can’t stop until I reach the ending.” ~ Sue Ann B
“Being afraid that happiness is something not for either of them, yet finding it. In the most delightful way makes this a fun read.” ~ Kindle Customer
“This is really a good book and Bonnie R. Paulson has a way with writing!” ~ Amazon Customer
“I loved this book. Bonnie R. Paulson is one of my favorite authors.” ~ Kindle Customer

About the Author
Bonnie R. Paulson
Real people, real loss, real love.
USA Today Bestselling author, Bonnie focuses on the emotional thrill of the romance, the discovery of self and the dynamic forces at play to both pull and push love growth. With six children and her own eternal romance at home, Bonnie lives her own dream every day. She’s spoiled with blessings and wants to share the joy of ever-after possibilities with others.
Whether it’s a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now, the emotions will leave you story drunk for days, if not years. Feel good romances with sweet twists. Or is it Sweet romances with bold twists? You decide. You’ll be able to say where you were when you closed the book. Surviving all things real and coming out better on the other side.
Some of her favorite authors are Robyn Carr, Pamela Kelley, and Christine Kingsley!

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