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"Julie and Kishore: Take 2" by Carol Jackson

Julie & Kishore: Take 2
by Carol Jackson

Julie & Kishore: Take 2 is the sequel to Carol Jackson's Julie & Kishore (read my blog post).

Julie & Kishore: Take 2 is currently on tour with Ravenswood Publishing. The tour stops here today for a guest post by the author and a giveaway. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

Julie & Kishore: Take Two follows straight on from the first book, Julie & Kishore. The young couple, as newlyweds arrive home to New Zealand from India.
They settle into normal life and things are going right on track. Julie finally starts putting the preparations in place to fulfil her lifelong dream of having a white wedding. Then – just when life seems to be running smoothly, a curve ball is thrown, plans are disrupted and an unexpected trip to India has to be made. Are there more unexpected surprises waiting for them when they arrive? Just how will Julie & Kishore cope this time?
Will Julie ever get her long awaited big white wedding?
This book continues with Julie & Kishore's journey in life and love as an inter-racial couple.
This is a fictional story.

Praise for the Book
"This book does a really excellent job of addressing cross cultural issues. I think most readers will be intrigued by the New Zealand and India relationship and will learn a lot from this story about those cultures, their faiths and beliefs, and why certain people within those cultures believe or do not believe in marrying "outside" of one's culture. The descriptions of both lands are beautiful and readers will be transported into those countries. What a gorgeous setting choice for a romance novel, and the author does such a beautiful job of describing those areas and the vivid world the characters live in. I think this is an extremely important topic that readers will be really interested in and I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good romantic read." ~ Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite
"A heart warming love story. Description of Indian words and Indian things are so accurate . Author has done a beautiful job in explaining two cultures differences and similarities .this book took to my childhood and back to India same time. I highly recommend if ones like nice pleasant read." ~ Ree
"Great book for someone who loves international cultures. Makes you smile and cry, a heartwarming love story!! A Real page turner." ~ Tomiko Haines
"This is a touching and true story of cross cultural love and commitment. A well written and easy to read book. Highly recommended." ~ Jeanettte Hight
"A wonderful story of love and faith in each other, Made me Laugh and Brought tears to my eyes. Great description of time, colour, sounds and taste while in India." ~ Kerri

Guest Post by the Author
The Story Behind Julie & Kishore:Take Two
Julie & Kishore: Take Two follows on directly from my first book, Julie & Kishore.
As with Julie & Kishore I had been thinking of writing these books for a long time but work, children and general life took over. Once I had the time to write, after thinking about them for more than fifteen years, the words poured out of me. When I had finished the first book, I kept on going with the second and the process continued with the words continuing to pour out of me. As any writer knows ideas will pop into their head at anytime. This would happen to me while I was sitting at my laptop or when I was in bed where I quickly jotted the thoughts down on a notebook that I keep next to me at night. These days the ideas often come to me while I am lost in my own little world at the gym where I precariously try, without stopping exercising to send myself a text message to remind me of my latest thought.
Some of the characters in the second book are the same as the first but have evolved.  Many of the characters are new, such as people who Julie & Kishore meet while on their travels through India. While the first book, Julie & Kishore, focused on Auckland, New Zealand, and New Delhi, India, in the second book Julie & Kishore are essentially on their honeymoon. They travel more and see more of the sights of India, the reader gets to go on this journey with them. Amongst other adventures, the couple take a train from New Delhi to Agra, a journey I have made myself. This is a delightful train experience both in real life and for Julie & Kishore.
While they are in India, Julie is most excited to have the opportunity to ride an elephant and a camel which is a life-long dream for her. I personally have not done this but my children have. Since that time, I have done a lot of research on this matter and have come to the conclusion that I would never ride an elephant or camel or get a photo with a tiger, lion or monkey or go to a theme park where they have dolphin or whale shows. From the research I have done – and I am not suggesting that this happens in all cases – the only way these animals are taught to do what they do, is for them to be stolen from their mothers at a very young age so they can be trained. In many cases – once again I will stress this may not happen in all cases – they are beaten as they are taught to do tricks just for our amusement. For me personally, as an animal lover, to err on the side of caution, I would just rather not be involved or participate in any of these types of situations.
On to a completely different topic, Julie & Kishore: Take Two does have a little more romance than the first book. A proof-reader friend, who is a devoted housewife and Mother once told me, "As a stay-at-home Mum, if I read a book that is good I will keep turning the pages. If I want a book that will keep me absolutely enthralled, for me, it must have HOT romance!" So, for this reason I added a steamy romantic scene to this story.
Although the journey of Julie & Kishore is over, I am writing my third book called Nina’s Art. This story involves many of the same characters (including Julie & Kishore) but is a totally different story.

From the Author
I am born, bred and live in Auckland, New Zealand. In real life, just like my books, I am married to an Indian man. My husband and I have been together for more than twenty years. Friends and family urged me to write a book about us; finally I found the time.
Julie & Kishore is loosely based on my life, although I have changed too much of the content to call it nonfiction.
I have written two books, Julie & Kishore and the sequel, Julie & Kishore: Take Two. I am currently writing a third, Nina’s Art, which involves many of the same characters but is a different story.

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