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"BookElves Anthology Volume 2" by Jemima Pett and Others

BookElves Anthology
Volume 2
by Jemima Pett and Others

The BookElves Anthology Volume 2 is suitable for children ages 8 to 14. It features short, holiday-themed stories by some of your favorite middle grade authors and is available now for only $0.99 - just in time for the holiday season! Also available: BookElves Anthology Volume 1.

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Seven authors, seven new tales to twang your heartstrings as you snuggle up cosy and warm during the long winter nights. Will the Christmas fairy be ready to grant your wishes? Will Shirley Link solve all the clues to her presents? Will a keen inventor steal the heart of a lady? Will another lady have her life saved by a horse? And will Santa's reindeer, a lost and forlorn hero, and a boy under the spell of a wicked witch find their way home when they are left out in the cold at midwinter? Find out in this second anthology from the MG BookElves, a selection that older children will love, and adults will enjoy reading to younger children.
*Shirley Link's friends help her rediscover the joy of Christmas by setting her a puzzle - and with her detective skills, maybe she's the only one who can solve it! ~ Ben Zackheim (Shirley Link Detective Series, The Camelot Kids)
*Max the talking Tonkinese cat has an unpleasant surprise when he finds himself trapped in the attic one night. Will he escape the clutches of the Christmas fairy, a regiment of soldiers and three obstreperous French hens in time to enjoy a holiday with his family? ~ Wendy Leighton-Porter (The Shadows from the Past series)
*Will Melvin Finklestein manage to impress the snooty Trixie Tragik with his Popcorn Surprise, or will the wicked Jasper Jollywood ruin his latest invention? ~ S. W. Lothian (The Quest series, Time Square series)
*If you found a lost reindeer in the woods, could you hide him away long enough for him regain his ability to fly? Find out who else Dougall meets when he befriends Reinhardt the reindeer. ~ Jemima Pett (The Princelings of the East series)
*Halitor can't find the people who need his help on the long night of Midwinter. But they find him, and there may be some holiday magic in the air. ~ Rebecca M Douglass (The Ninja Librarian series, Halitor the Hero)
*Once this warhorse carried a mighty king; now he carries a cargo more precious - the young girl destined to be his queen. ~ Cheryl Carpinello (Young Knights of King Arthur series, Guinevere of Camelot)
*The Witch War is over, but the scars of their spells still cause havoc in Werifesteria. When Jacob's father is taken by the witch of the Dark Wood, Jacob and King Aldridge set out to return him. A fun fairy tale. ~ Annaliese Matheron (Ninja Nan series)
Each tale weaves its own seasonal magic. Each magician has already warmed the hearts of thousands of young readers with their stories. Enjoy these frantic races to meet the Christmas deadline while you curl up in your favourite reading spot this winter.
Note: The authors hail from US, UK, Australia and France; stories use UK or US English spelling.

Praise for the Book
"As one of the authors featured in this anthology, I can't exactly give an unbiased review ... but I have to say, there are some terrific stories in here, even aside from my own!" ~ Rebecca Douglass on Goodreads

About the Authors
Cheryl Carpinello is a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, her profession introduced her to writings and authors from times long past. Through her studies and teaching, she fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. Now, she hopes to inspire young readers to read more through her Quest Books set in these worlds.

Rebecca M. Douglass has been reading and writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has a special fondness for fantasy thanks to childhood visits to Narnia and Middle Earth. Ms. Douglass uses her word-processor near San Francisco, CA, where she lives with her husband and two teenage sons, while her imagination runs where it will, in this world and out. She is the author of the beloved Ninja Librarian books, as well as a picture book for outdoor families, a mystery for the parents, and of course the middle-grade fantasy, Halitor the Hero.

Wendy Leighton-Porter devotes her time to writing books for children after 20 years of teaching French, Latin and Classical studies. Shadows from the Past is a series of time-travel adventure stories, featuring three children and a rather special Tonkinese cat. She lives in France and Abu Dhabi, and is currently working on the ninth book in the series, The Shadow of the Tudor Rose.

S. W. Lothian is the creator of edge-of-your-seat time-travel adventures that provide thrills for all ages. From his sun-drenched home in Australia he pens exciting books that launch readers into epic settings filled with amazing action. Great characters, mystery, and humour make a broth of irresistible tales. Through recent personal experience, S.W. has become a passionate advocate of raising awareness of Childhood Cancer. Improved awareness leads to increased research, which hopefully will lead to a cure.

Unlike many authors, Annaliese Matheron never knew what she wanted to be. She wanted to do a million and one different things – be an ice-skater, or an archaeologist, or an astrophysicist, or a theatre director – luckily she realised that by being an author she could be all these things and more. Annaliese now spends her time making stuff up and writing it down. Her humorous adventure story Ninja Nan and Sidekick Grandad was a finalist in the 2013 People’s Book Prize.

Jemima Pett lives in a three-bedroom red-brick castle surrounded by water, along with her guinea pigs, the inspiration for brain-twisting The Princelings of the East. She writes their adventures as fast as she can, but sometimes writes science fiction adventures about asteroid miners and their friends instead. She lives in Norfolk, writes in UK English and occasionally in US English or double Dutch.

Ben Zackheim started writing Shirley Link in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s up to book five in the series, which will be titled Shirley Link & The Party Poopers. He lives in Massachusetts, at 42.5098°N, 72.6995°W, surrounded by the Forbidden Forest, with his wife and son.
Please also give your support to the other MG BookElves not included in this year's Anthology: Melanie Abed, Julie Anne Grasso, Paul Hewlett, Fiona Ingram, M. G. King, and S. Smith.

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BookElves Anthology Volume 2

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