Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"A Rare Nativity" by Sam Beeson

A Rare Nativity
by Sam Beeson

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We have all heard the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", and we have all seen the traditional Christmas crèche. Now, author Sam Beeson and photographers Nina and Terral Cochran combine these two classic Christmas icons to create A Rare Nativity.
Upon reading the first lines of the book, it is clear the narrator holds a bitter grudge as he sends his enemy crude and discarded gifts: "On the first night of Christmas I gave my enemy a briar from a tanglewood tree. On the second night of Christmas I gave my enemy two broken eggs."
Night after night the gifts pile up shards of glass, rusty nails, gnarled twigs, and more. What the narrator s enemy decides to do with each of these odious gifts is nothing less than a Christmas miracle. The photographic creation of the rare nativity at the end of the book is both a work of art and a wonder to behold.

On the first night of Christmas I gave my enemy a briar from a tanglewood tree.
On the second night of Christmas I gave my enemy two broken eggs.

Praise for the Book
"Beautiful words, beautiful artwork, beautiful photography, and a beautiful message. Great for anyone wanting to share the message of mercy and forgiveness at Christmastime. A new classic. Loved every page." ~ Emily
"This is a book you will want to read each Christmas to remind you of what Christ has done for us. I gave this book a rating of 5 stars out of 5. I absolutely loved it! I highly recommend it to everyone for their Christmas library." ~ Kathryn svendsen
"This book is FANTASTIC, SO INCREDIBLE, and a DEFINITE MUST READ! I cannot even put into words how amazing this book is!" ~ Shauna Wheelwright
"At first, i was wondering about this book, but then I was amazed by it! Great lesson to learn." ~ Tenille
"Stunning! Hooked from the very first page and drawn to keep turning and reading... " ~ Craig Wiesner

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
Count down the twelve nights of Christmas with this sobering picture book, featuring stark black-and-white photographs and simple text. But, be warned, this is not one for the children. A Rare Nativity is based on the gospel according to Matthew and the injunction to "love your enemy". What would you do if your enemy sent you twelve mean-spirited gifts as Christmas drew nearer? Would you turn the other cheek? The person in this book does and, in so doing, creates a gift of great beauty. But I won't spoil the surprise at the end of the book.
With its beautiful message of forgiveness, this is a true Christmas treat that will make an especially good gift for someone you have wronged throughout the year.

About the Author
Sam Beeson gives himself annual writing assignments. In 2005, he wrote a poem a day. In 2007, he wrote about his wife every day. In 2015, each day he wrote a handwritten letter to someone new. Sam teaches high school English and loves reading the journals of his ancestors.

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