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"The End of Time Trilogy" by Roy Askham

The End of Time Trilogy
by Roy Askham

Roy Askham's has just released the final part of his time travel trilogy. All three books are now available in one convenient volume, The End of Time Trilogy. The books are also available individually: Evil Across Time (read my blog post), Nothing, and The End of Time.

In Evil Across Time, Edwina had a car accident, and three months later, she travelled back in time and visited her previous incarnation. But did she?
When she returned from her time travel experiences, she realised she was possessed, but was she?
In the second book of the Trilogy, Nothing, she travelled even further back in time where she realised she had Super Powers, or did she?
In the third and final book of the Trilogy, The End of Time, she visited the residence of the Author of the Trilogy, Roy Askham, or did she?
Find out for yourself as you ride the Time Travel Train to a climax that you could never foresee coming.

Book Video for Book 1, Evil Across Time

Excerpt from Book 1, Evil Across Time
My thoughts of Aunt Jean are abruptly interrupted in a way that scares the hell out of me as I see the "Mack" sign in large letters on the front of very large truck, which is now bearing down on top of my car, and then bang! That's the last thing I remember about my car smash.
The next thing I know, a man is shaking me and saying, "Are you alright Ms.?" In a daze, all I can see is a ball of flames and a cloud of smoke surrounding a car on the opposite side of the road. I think, Oh my god, some poor person has had a really bad car accident. The thought of that, makes me feel sick, knowing that no one could survive such a thing. My thoughts are interrupted with the piercing noise of a siren that is becoming louder by the second, as I ask, "Where am I? Why am I sitting here at the side of the road?"
"You are in Wetherby Ms; do you know who you are and where you were going?"
"My name is Edwina and I'm going to visit my Aunt Jean here in Wetherby."
"Well that's a start Ms, an ambulance is here now and a tow truck is also on the way for your car but we need to know where your friend is Edwina?"
I am puzzled. What does he mean, my friend? and what the hell is happening here? I'll ask him. "How do you mean, my friend? I was by myself."
"Well Ms, I'm told that apparently a tall woman kicked the driver's side door off the car and crawled out before it burst into flames, and it seems she has completely disappeared from the scene."
Then all of a sudden I realise, Oh my god, it's my car over there in flames, but who the hell was the tall woman. Then once again, I see a mind image of the large "Mack" sign again, as I did in the same moment that my consciousness left me.
I look at my car; it's impossible for me to even think how any person, let alone me, could ever escape from such a mangled wreck. The man said that the door was completely removed by someone kicking it from the inside. To my way of thinking, only "super woman" could escape something like that and there's no way that I fall into her category.

Excerpt from Book 2, Nothing
My heart is beating fast as my friend David, who will give me away appears, ready to escort me through the back door where I will exit for the last time by the name of Edwina James. He shouts, "c'mon guys, let’s go," as he loops his arm around mine ready to move out into the back garden, where the man of my dreams awaits.
Then, something happens that scares the hell out of me. I start to feel a bit dizzy. Oh god, no, please don’t tell me it’s happening now! I couldn’t bear it. I feel a cold sweat flowing through my entire being, and I feel that I am going to faint. Within seconds I am floating above my body which is now lying near the back door.
Wedding guests are milling around my lifeless body as I watch in terror from my out of body position at the level of the ceiling.
Jack hears the commotion and rushes inside. He is frantically slapping my face and saying, "Edwina, it’s okay, it’s me Jack, open your eyes. Calling out to the guests, he shouts, "someone call an ambulance."
And then it happens, my worst fear has manifested, as my body begins to sit up and look around with glazed eyes. I go into a state of total panic. Looking on, helpless, I realize that it must be the Tigress who is in control of my body.
I am a nervous wreck and absolutely petrified as I float very close to the ceiling, where I hear the following words from the one who has possessed me and is now sitting up and smiling saying to my guests casually, "don’t worry everyone, I'm fine, I'll be back to normal in a minute."
To me through thought transference, she snarls. "Now what are you doing up there out of your body Edwina? I mean, if you don’t want it, I can sure use it." Then, she laughs hysterically and says through telepathy again, ‘yes, I have decided that I will use it and do as I wish with it. In fact I know what I’ll do; I'll send you to a state of nothingness, where you won't even be able to watch from above like you are doing now Edwina. In fact to make it a lot worse for you, I'll tell you what I’m going to do whilst you are in isolation forever.
In a minute, I'll go into the back garden and marry Jack, and he'll think it's you and that all is fine again. And guess what Edwina, whilst you are in isolation and in a prison cell of my making, I'll be having sex with Jack later. But that’s not all I'll do with him. As you know, my powers are endless, so it will be really easy to turn him into a slave where he will be at my beck and call. And Edwina, neither he nor you will be able to resist my powers. You’ve seen me in action before, so go, be off with you and leave me with Jack to do as I will. Oh, by the way, before you leave, I want you to know that Jack will not be able to bring you back like he did the last time, because I'm now aware of the trigger he used before, and I’ve already made that system un-workable. Well I see you are still there Edwina, so please fuck off."
Within seconds as terror reigns through me, I find myself spinning through some sort of energy vortex that seems to go on and on, spinning endlessly. And then without notice, I find myself in a void of nothingness. There is no sound, and I cannot see anything. In fact, my five senses are non-existent; all I am is consciousness. What the hell is happening to me? Where am I? I do not have a body; not even an astral body, which is the body that I have previously used while astral travelling. A very strange thing is now entering my consciousness; besides not having any arms, legs, head, eyes, ears or a body at all, I do not even have any emotions. I cannot feel any fear, or love, or compassion. I am nothing but pure consciousness; just consciousness witnessing nothing.
I can in fact think; I am a consciousness that can think, but when I do think, my thoughts do not produce any emotions. I am just a thinking consciousness, and that’s all I am, because there is absolutely nothing else.
Without any fear in my consciousness, due to no emotion being present, I find myself contemplating my previous condition in a much deeper way. The power of my mind has previously caused certain things to happen. If I have become angry, it has caused my heart to beat much faster than normal. And if I have been nervous, I have felt the sensation of butterflies in my stomach. However, I have no emotion at the moment and do not have any of these reactions which are normally caused by thoughts of despair and terror while being in a situation such as this. I do feel very lost at the moment and am wondering how the hell I am going to free myself from this very strange condition.
Strangely, due to having no emotions, my heart is not beating at a hundred miles an hour, and I do not feel sick due to my predicament, but nevertheless, I still feel the dire need to escape, because what kind of a life is this? And I need my emotions back.
But how the hell do I get away from this nothingness? What do I do? I mean, there is nowhere to go; there is nothing to see or hear. Where do I start? It seems impossible to go anywhere from here. It's not like I can see something in the distance and head there, what the hell can I do?
This situation is really bizarre. I am wondering what the hell the Tigress is doing with Jack. I want to feel angry, but I can’t, I have no emotion. All I know is, I should be there with him and married by now. Jack and the Tigress are probably having our wedding meal. Jack will be giving a speech and saying how much he loves me. The Tigress will be smiling and portraying herself as me, and knowing her, later she will let Jack know that it's her and not me.
God knows what might happen. Just like Edward was petrified when he first saw the Tigress, Jack will be scared stiff with no way of escape, as her powers are endless.
There is nothing I can do to help him, and I feel very, very lost, not scared, but lost. I feel like I have been dropped into a deep black hole where nothing exists whatsoever. There is neither time nor space here; there is absolutely nothing. I have no concept of time at all. I cannot comprehend the length of time I have been here, because time has no meaning now. I could have been here for hours, or even a day, I wouldn’t know.
So what will I do? There is nothing I can do. My body won't get tired, because I don't have one. I won't get hungry or thirsty either. There is no window to open and see out. I cannot read a book or magazine or watch the television. The whole earth could disintegrate and I wouldn't know. If it did, I'd probably just stay here in this nothingness forever.
I think, and think, and think, but there does not seem to be an answer at all. I try to move my consciousness back and forth but I cannot move, even if I could, there does not seem to be anywhere to go. 

Praise for the Series
"I enjoyed reading this book. It was full of twists and turns which keep my interest until the last page. A must have book for anyone looking for a book with substance." ~ Angela Freedom
"This was an unusual choice of book for me personally. I don't usually read stories of this genre. I did, however, find this particular story intriguing with many historical references which were woven into the main theme. The characters are engaging, the overall story is well-paced, and the writing is satisfactory to keep you turning pages to find out more...and more!" ~ Richard Podnar
"Edwina has been told that she has had bouts of superhuman strength, but doesn't remember it. She's been told she's a tease, but has no memory of it. Once she moves into her late aunt's cottage, she has some incredible out of the body experiences. I also read the sequel, Nothing. Roy Askham takes the reader on a wild ride!" ~ Liz Kingsbury McKeown
"So the first one was a little bit much for my personal taste. It was good, but far different than my normal read so it took some getting used to. Now this one, Nothing, has been a real treat. Edwina and the Tigress are some sick people lol. After reading the ending I cannot believe my eyes. I will not leave spoilers but just know you are in for a treat. The way Roy wrote this book is definitely proving of his talent as an author. He must have done a lot of research and spent a lot of time making sure everything matched up well. I suggest this as a read to anyone regardless of your specific type of book you like to read. Like I said it was different than my normal genre but I have lived it. It took me a minute to get through the first one, but I seriously could not put this second one down. I actually stopped reading the last bit because I did not want it to end. Check it out and make sure to leave reviews!! This author definitely deserves some more attention for these books." ~ Amazon Customer

About the Author
Roy Askham was born in Leeds, UK, and currently resides in Ballarat, Australia, with his wife. Having numerous out of body experiences and witnessing psychic phenomena over a long period, Roy wanted to know as much as possible about these topics. Consequently, over the last thirty five years, he has read hundreds of books on these subjects, and accordingly formed his own opinion about the meaning of life.
His thoughts are covered in his edge of seat excitement novel, Evil Across Time, which has an ending you will not see coming.