Thursday, November 13, 2014

Books Direct Christmas Giveaway


Note to Sponsors
I am running a Christmas giveaway and am seeking prize donations.
Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you are an author, a blogger, or a reader.
In return for donating a prize, you will receive a spot in the giveaway for one of your social media links. I will also feature each prize individually on my Facebook page over the next month.
The giveaway will be open internationally, so if you are donating a physical prize, you must be willing to post internationally.
If you would like to participate, please submit this form by 18 December.
The giveaway will end on 20 December. I will advise you by email of the winner of your prize. It will be your responsibility to email/post the prize to the winner as soon as possible.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Books Direct

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win some great prizes. Prizes and entry options will be updated as new donations are received, so check back often.
Books Direct: $5 Amazon gift card
Claudia Y. Burgoa: ebook of Standing By plus $10 Amazon gift card
Amy Daws: ebook of A Broken Us
D. V. Berkom: ebook of Serial Date
Karen Mueller Bryson: ebook of Always Rayne by Sierra Avalon
Caris McRae: ebook set of Soul of Fire and Emerald Fire
Grant Overstake: ebook of Maggie Vaults Over the Moon
Jacqueline Gum: ebook or paperback of Confessions of a Corporate Slut
Geoffrey Saign: ebook of WhipEye
Dorothea Jensen: ebook of Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf
Helen Rena: ebook of Into the Blind
Giselle Shardlow: choice of one Kids Yoga Stories book
M. M. Shelley: ebook of Murder on Mars plus $10 Amazon gift card
Diane Mae Robinson: ebook set of Sir Princess Petra and Sir Princess Petra's Talent
Krista Tibbs: ebook or print book of Reflections and Tails plus a homemade greeting card with bonus Christmas story inside
Ellie Campbell: paperback copy of How to Survive Your Sisters
Ellie Campbell: paperback copy of To Catch a Creeper
Krysten Lindsay Hager: ebook of True Colors
Rowena Hoseason: ebook of First Contract by Frank Westworth
Elisabeth Jackson: $10 Amazon gift card
B. L. Blair: ebook of Dead in a Dumpster
Dallas Sutherland: print book of The Greying
Dallas Sutherland: poster
Jana Richards: ebook of First and Again
Hebby Roman: ebooks of The Princess and the Templar and Midnight Promise plus $25 Amazon gift card
William Hage: ebook of Porcelain
William Hage: ebook of Welcome Home
Sherry Smith: $20 PayPal cash
Monica Millard: ebook of Entertaining Angels
Danielle Rose: 5 X 60% off Editing Services at Narrative Ink Editing
Robynn E. Sheahan: ebook of Storm of Arranon
Robynn E. Sheahan: ebook of Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice
Robynn E. Sheahan: ebook of Storm of Arranon Allies and Enemies
Robynn E. Sheahan: $15 Amazon gift card
P. D. Workman: paperback of Those Who Believe
P. D. Workman: 6 assorted bookmarks with red tassels
Lisa Gillis: ebook set of Six Silver Strings (3 novels and 2 novelettes including Christmas novel)
Timothy Cook: signed copy of The Book of Drachma (the entire trilogy)
Joleene Naylor: ebook set of the Amaranthine series (6 books) plus $5 Amazon gift card
Sarah Lynch: ebook of Unbind
Phillip Frey: ebook of Dangerous Times
Phillip Frey: ebook of Hym and Hur
Patricia Walker: ebook of The Obvious by J. Cassidy
Patricia Walker: ebook of A Life in the Day of Utter Nonsense by Faye Kename
Mary Ann Bernal: ebook of The Briton and the Dane: Timeline
Mary Ann Bernal: ebook of Scribbler Tales Volume One
Mary Ann Bernal: ebook of The Briton and the Dane: Concordia
Lynn Kellan: ebook of Clear as Glass
Mickey J. Corrigan: ebook set of The Hard Stuff series (3 books plus book 4 when it is released in 2015)
Dan Knight: signed copy of Cretaceous Clay & the Black Dwarf
Brenda Perlin: ebook of Shattered Reality
Mya O'Malley: ebook of If You Believe
J. D. Spero: print copy of Catcher's Keeper
Laurie Boris: ebook of Don't Tell Anyone
Bridie Hall: ebooks of Letting Go and My Summer Roommate
Stevie Turner: ebook of A Rather Unusual Romance
Tabitha Vohn: ebook of Tomorrow is a Long Time
Andrew Harkless: ebook of U Got to Have U Some Fun
Wally Runnels: 5 X ebook of Death Karma
Monique Rockliffe: ebook set of The Sword Bearers series (3 books)
Monique Rockliffe: ebook of The Door
Judith Ingram: ebook set of Bridge to the Past and Borrowed Promises
Stormy Smith: ebook of Bound by Duty
V. M. Gautier: ebook of Blood Diva
Elisabeth Marrion: print copy of The Night I Danced With Rommel
Elisabeth Marrion: print copy of Liverpool Connection
Cheryl Carpinello: ebook of Tutankhamen Speaks
W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh: ebook of Tales for the 21st Century
W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh: ebook of Outsider
Brandy Nacole: signed paperback with a swag bag
Neel Kay: paperback copy of Zoe + the Demon Slayer
J. J. DiBenedetto: ebook set of Books 1-5 in the Dream series
J. J. DiBenedetto: audiobook set of Books 1-3 in the Dream series
J. J. DiBenedetto: signed copy of Dream Student
David Tindell: ebook of Quest for Honor
Shannon Lee Alexander: ebook of Love and Other Unknown Variables
Bobbi JG Weiss: paperback of Hooked
James Minter: ebook of The Hole Opportunity
Diana J. Febry: ebook of Bells On Her Toes
Robin Lythgoe: ebook of As the Crow Flies