Friday, November 7, 2014

"Illusion" by S. M. Boyce

(The Grimoire Saga Book 4)
by S. M. Boyce

Illusion is the fourth and final book in The Grimoire Saga. Also available: Lichgates (FREE), Treason, Heritage, and The Grimoire Saga Box Set (Books 1-3).

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The final chapter in the war for Ourea ends with blood.
Kara Magari is an icon. A hero. The people love her. The royalty tolerates her. She has everything - an army, allies, and a close circle of chosen family. They believe she will end the war, and they shouldn’t. She’s as scared as they are. She just can’t show it.
The war she accidentally started ends with a final battle that will either save or enslave her people. She will do anything to win - until she learns the cost of victory.
Braeden Drakonin is afraid of what he’ll become when he takes over his father’s kingdom - that much authority can change a man. But his father has already tried to kill him more than once, and it’s time to end his reign. Braeden’s armies are ready. His strategy is foolproof. His generals are waiting for the order to attack. It’s only in the final seconds before the battle begins that he realizes he missed one crucial detail - the traitor.

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He looked at her - really looked at her, with a gaze that almost stole the smile from her face. She held on, despite his scrutiny. She’d successfully killed Niccoli this time. She absorbed a Blood. She would bring Niccoli’s remaining guild to its knees. Andor - of all people - couldn’t shake her.
His boots thumped against the floor as he came closer. Every slow step chipped away at her smirk. He knelt on the mattress and leaned in, setting a hand on either side of her head. His fingers stretched against the wooden headboard in her periphery, but she never broke eye contact.
He inched closer until the world blurred around him. He was turning this on her, calling her bluff. Maybe he knew her seductions were always a tease, that she never followed through. Perhaps he even figured she imagined Michael on the face of any man who invaded her space, who got too close.
“What are you up to?” His breath rolled over her cheeks.
She grinned, letting the joy of her plan wash through her. “It’s quite elaborate.”

Featured Review
I am a Huge fan of S. M. Boyce and love her stories!
She really tied this end of the series book up in a wonderful bow. I was sad that this was the end but she did it so well that it just felt right. Boyce expertly included reminders of important happenings from the first three books, enough that I didn't need to go back and reread them to catch up. (Which was good because I was short on time.)
Her characters are loveable and hateable and believable and her scenes are very descriptive. The story flows along easily and is a pleasure to read. I have read books in the past that I have to force myself to keep reading, Not this one! When I got to the battles I was pleasantly surprised. (I'm not big on war scenes) They were so expertly written I couldn't put the book down, I had to get through them. Made for a long night but was so worth it!
The end was well written also, nicely tied up and I loved the very last.
Well done Ms. Boyce, well done!!
Looking forward to your Ourean Chronicles Series!

About the Author
S. M. Boyce is a lifelong writer with a knack for finding adventure and magic.

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