Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Lobo Goes to the Galapagos" by C. L. Murphy

Lobo Goes to the Galapagos
(The Adventures of Lovable Lobo Book 5)
by C. L. Murphy

Lobo Goes to the Galapagos is the latest in The Adventures of Lovable Lobo series for children ages 3 to 7. Also available: Lobo and Popo Fool the Pack, Lobo Visits the Barnyard, Lobo Finds Bigfoot, and Lobo's Howliday (read my blog post).

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Lobo returns in this adventure, sweeter and a bit salty this time. This lil’ wolf pup finds that there’s nothing like a little sea air to bring out the best in him and his unlikely tag-alongs. Take a trip to the Galapagos with Lobo and his right-hand raven, Roxy, as they help an injured, new feathered friend return home. Lobo faces some fears and witnesses the joy that comes from helping others in this "birds of a different feather DO flock together" tale.
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Praise for the Book
"Who knew geography and learning about animals could be this much fun? Lobo Goes to the Galapagos is my new favorite children’s book and is highly recommended. " ~ Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite
"While Ms. Murphy’s uniquely whimsical and vibrant illustrative style is perfectly suited for the wild, tropical feel of this colorful book, and easily captures young readers’ attention, there is also a subtle, quiet beauty to the storyline’s overarching themes of friendship, trust, perseverance, and goodwill. Lobo’s tenacious and giving spirit are delightfully captured in this fifth installment of puppy-fueled fun. In fact, it’s sincerely so easy to fall in love with 'Lovable' Lobo that I’d happily follow this well-meaning, big-hearted, wolf pup to the very ends of the earth!" ~ 5 Star Review, Indie Author Girl, Amazon
"What an adorable story! I read this to my nephew and he couldn’t stop giggling at the silliness of Roxy as well as Lobo’s cute friends Bobby, Sunny, Coconut and Sandra. The author was very clever in portraying a tale of friendship, adventure and excitement that is sure to enthuse young minds around the world." ~ 5 Star Review, Gina D., Amazon

My Review
Lobo and his friend Roxy the raven find Bobby the blue-footed booby, who has injured his wing, and they promise to help him get home. Along the way, they meet Sunny the seagull and Coconut the crab. When they encounter a certain scary animal, Lobo realizes he must overcome his fear if he wants to help his new friend return to his home.
The story is simple and entertaining, and the illustrations are bright and colorful, appearing almost three-dimensional. The author does a great job capturing Roxy's voice; Roxy's repetition certainly brings to mind the cawing of a raven. We are given a quick geography lesson with the map of the Galapagos at the end of the book, but it is not put into context by showing its position on the world map. I wish the author had continued Lobo's adventures on the island and introduced us to some more animals that can be found there.
This is a cute story about friendship and trust, but I think it could have been a whole lot more.

About the Author
While new to the children's book writing and illustrating scene, C. L. (Cathy) Murphy has been doodling her way through life since she won a school wide poster contest in the third grade. She's had the pleasure of working as an artist in residence, creating cartoons and painting murals with the children at local elementary schools. She adores the wonder and curiosity of young children.
She feels that creating picture books is something that she was destined to do, after years of filing away so many ideas, while raising her two sons. She is a member of SCBWI.
She lives amongst the wildlife in an enchanted forest in the beautiful Oregon wilderness with her husband and menagerie. She has always appreciated nature and animals have always played a major role in her life. The inspiration for the Lovable Lobo character came from a wolf that she raised for over 14 years.
Check out her book series and discover that you, too, will find Lobo lovable.

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