Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Kaplan's Quest" by Richard Steinitz

Kaplan's Quest
by Richard Steinitz

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The disappearance of his great-uncle Samuel during World War II has shaped the life of the young university lecturer, Shmulik Kaplan. As part of his Master's Thesis on the history of Germany between the wars, he sets out to try and discover what happened to his uncle – an outstanding athlete who managed to leave Germany in 1935, and yet incomprehensibly, returned to Berlin, and then vanished without a trace. 
From his book-lined office at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, to Berlin and to Mont St. Michel in France, and through the dusty WW II archives of the German army, the quest takes him on a rollercoaster journey of personal discovery and emotion. The search uncovers events and materials that no-one had ever heard of before, or seen, since the days of the German occupation of France.

Featured Review
This was the perfect page-turner for a day of escape spent reading. All at once, I was drawn into the personal story of the affable narrator and joined him on his quest to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the uncle he was named after. The dialogue is engaging, witty and well-paced, the story of the uncle -dramatic and surprising. Highly recommended.

About the Author
Born in New York City of German-Jewish immigrant parents, Richard Steinitz studied at the State University of NY at Buffalo, and has been living in Israel since 1968. When not writing novels, he reads them in great quantities, and works for a multi-national educational publisher. He and his wife Naomi are the parents of two grown children. 
Though his own parents escaped the Holocaust, it has had an enduring effect on his life and his writing.
Researching the background for his books is his favorite activity, after reading mysteries! Richard is the author of Murder Over the Border. Kaplan's Quest is his second novel.

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