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"People in the Walls Book 2: The Wonder" by T. A. Crosbarn


People in the Walls Book 2:
The Wonder
by T. A. Crosbarn

The Wonder is book two of T. A. Crosbarn's new series People in the Walls. Also available: People in the Walls Book 1: CluelessBook 3: No Wonder, and Book 4: It is Done.


Are you looking for a great story of the mystery and supernatural type, that is not the same old, same old?
People in the Walls will grab hold of you intensely and not let go, guaranteed!
We have a guy that is made special by a supernatural force, but is caught in the middle of a universal contest where the most powerful force in the universe, the power of goodness, is being challenged by a fallen angel or the force of darkness. Unsuspecting but empowered, Quinn Wilkins gets to find out some very interesting things.
As he goes through his life, this force that would need him to accomplish its dark agenda just continues to haunt and plague young Quinn’s life. There are twists and turns that will captivate you as you read through this story.
Intense and very compelling. This is some very strong and moving stuff, the People in the Walls series will amuse you, draw you in and keep you wondering!
In Book 2, we learn how Quinn finds his way into a situation that is going to be an eye-opener for him and cause him to wonder about many things that happen to him. He still does not know that he was chosen, however. There is key information in Books 1 and 2 that will start to make sense as the twists really start to take place in the Books 3 and 4.
This book is intended for mature audiences.

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Quinn Wilkins does not know it yet but he has been selected, even before birth, by the Creator who is the almighty power and the most high, to be the center of all that happens from all nations of the world in his day. Anything he does will affect what will unfold around the world. If he likes anything, that thing will become the latest craze and either sell more than ever before or be reinvented. If he becomes obsessed with something that same subject will become popular around the world and the world won’t even know it. He can cause peace where there is war and he can cause war where there is peace, storms where the sky is calm and sorrow or joy. Quinn was born with the mark of the power between his eyes where it remained until the age of 7. Some thought it was a freak blemish others thought it could be removed.
When doctors examined this big red round mark or blemish between his eyes it was determined that it would only hurt him to try and remove it, or possibly kill him. So it was left there to go away if it would, on its own. This child got starred at a lot, but there was one who would notice it, and would know exactly what it meant.
The one that goes around like a lion seeking whom he can devour. He knows who this child is, as he knows he may seek who he can devour but he may not devour the chosen one. But there will be a deal between him and the Creator and by the powers thereof it will find out what the heart of man looks like, but more importantly its actions. Through Quinn they will settle a long time disagreement.

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About the Author
T. A. Crosbarn was born in Santa Clara California in 1965 and moved around the mid-west and the south. Crosbarn is an award winning salesman who has also published art and music and has now entered into the book publishing business. People in the Walls is his first series.