Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"How I Made 80K Part Time On The Internet: While Working a Full Time J.O.B." by Rick Macaulay

How I Made 80K Part Time On The Internet:
While Working a Full Time J.O.B.
by Rick Macaulay

With all the stories of fortunes being made on the Internet, it becomes a powerful draw to those who are looking for a quick fix to their financial problems. Unfortunately it also attracts scam artists who prey on these same people promising fast money with little to no effort. Making money online can be done when you follow a proven process but it is rarely a get rich quick method. Here is a step by step guide showing the methods I used to make over 80 thousand dollars over a three year period. Each year I cleared twenty five to thirty thousand dollars. Using a three year model shows that this process is a consistent one that paid off generously three years in a row. Use the guide, and even the gift on the first page, to start making real money online like I have. You can even use books with helpful tips to give away like this one.

Even if you’ve never made a penny online I will show you a simple way to make thousands of dollars online working as little as one to two hours a day.
These are simple techniques you can use to entice people to join your list or even buy your products. One way to have people sign up for your list is you can offer a great gift that has value to visitors just for dropping by. You can even give it away without asking people to leave their email address. When people see they don’t have to leave their personal information, they will usually take advantage of your gift. I can show you how to make money even with this kind of scenario. I will give you a great gift let people have free and I’ll show you a genuine way to make money with it! Or you can just give it away to visitors and build a reputation for quality content. That goes a long way in this business.

How I Made 80K Part Time On The Internet by Rick Macaulay gives excellent first hand information direct from someone who is actually 'in the trenches' doing this for himself.
The author explains how anyone with the right mindset (i.e. willing to put in a little effort) can replicate his methods to help bring in a nice little part time or even full time income from e-mail marketing. Everything is explained in detail with no unnecessary fluff or filler and links to all of the necessary tried and tested resources are provided for you along with the authors contact details should you require any further help or guidance.
Two methods are provided and both would work equally as well but every individual will have their own favorite. All you have to do is put this in to action!

About the Author
Rick Macaulay has been an online entrepreneur since 1998. His first three years were spent learning about online marketing but with little success until meeting a local online marketer. Within 30 days of being mentored, Rick received $1000 in his first month. Understanding online marketing better, he refined the process and had a successful online business grossing eighty thousand dollars the next three years working a couple of hours or less each day. With the release of his new book How I Made 80K Part Time On The Internet: While Working A Full Time J.O.B., Rick streamlines the process and shows how to cut costs to a bare minimum.