Thursday, January 2, 2014

BTS Book Reviews Magazine - January 2014

BTS Book Reviews Magazine
January 2014

Looking for some fabulous romantic and historical reads? Check out the January issue of BTS Book Reviews for some must-have books.

In This Issue
Take a sneak peek at Alexandra Ivy’s Born in Blood!
You won’t want to miss the sneak peeks or interviews with these other hot authors:
·       Libby Waterford
·       Joao Cerqueira
·       Kate Deveaux
·       Shiloh Saddler
·       Karyn Gerrard
·       Caris Roane
·       Erin Quinn
·       T.J. Blake
·       Ella Grey
Plus, this months’ columns keep you entertained and informed:
·       The Lowdown with Laurie: Free Books and Cheap E-book Pricing
·       Trends in Romance: Your Favorite Authors’ 2014 Resolutions and Predictions 
·       The Heat Diva: Otherwordly Interaction
·       The Scrying Eye: Mysteries and Mayhem
Don’t miss the special Short Story Extravaganza:
·    The Flower and the Flame - a contemporary romance short story by Lexi Adair
·       The Train Ride – an erotic short story by Sandra Bunino
·       Silicon - a suspense short story by Terri Talley Venters
·       Woven - a young adult short story by Kellyann Zuzulo
Also, join Nicole Morgan as the adventure continues in Sex & the Single Woman.

Coming Next Issue
USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is the cover author for the upcoming February issue. If you haven't heard of her, Jasinda averages 100,000 book sells each month! Not only has she written books that are winners, but Jasinda seems to have her promotions down pat. Jasinda plans on promoting her feature and BTSeMag are hoping to have many of her fans drop by to check out the issue. So don't miss this opportunity to get your ad or feature into the February issue BTS Book Reviews magazine.

About BTSeMag
BTS Book Reviews Magazine features free author promotions, highlighting an excerpt, or interview, blurb, cover, author bio and photo. In each issue there are entertaining and informative columns for readers and authors. Each month they showcase articles, a short story and numerous book reviews. Advertising is available in every issue.