Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Secret Santa Squirrels: A Fun Rhyming Christmas Picture Book" by Hazel Nutt

Secret Santa Squirrels:
A Fun Rhyming Christmas Picture Book
by Hazel Nutt

Here's a last-minute children's Christmas gift idea: Secret Santa Squirrels by Hazel Nutt.

Secret Santa Squirrels is a delightful look at the answer to:
"Just How does Santa deliver 60,000 presents a second,
In 31 hours, without going completely around the bend?"
The answer?
"Well the answer is magic reindeer poo
And Santa's little squirrel friends too!"
Do you want to know more?
Then buy this book!


Hazel Nutt puts a hilarious new twist on the story of Santa Claus. You'll never guess how all those presents get delivered on time. And just what do squirrels have to do with Christmas? You'll find out!
You'll never look at Christmas presents the same way again. But the kids will love it.

About the Author
Hazel Nutt is not your average author, as she will forever be two. She is nutty about nature, especially squirrels, whom she often has a good natter with. They tell her their secrets (many other woodland creatures tell her their secrets as well) and her parents help her write them down to share with the world.
Loving nature is really important and Hazel Nutt hopes to make sure that lots of other kids feel the same way!
She also likes to blog about her observations on life and teach other toddlers how to train their parents.