Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Bird Song" by George Pessin

Bird Song
by George Pessin

Bird Song is a heart-warming story for all ages. Two birds, one with a broken wing, the other blind, must fly together on their migratory journey south. They encounter various adventures along the way and learn first-hand the power of song.

The thrill of racing with the dawn outweighed any risk. In the speeding silence of muted colors there was a rush of clarity and exhilaration that Peep equated with the vitality of life. He would travel each day in a different direction, setting out in a straight line as far as the eye could see. At midday he abruptly turned homeward and raced back before dark.
On this particular morning, Peep was heading north. Lucky for him, an Owl had already eaten his evening ration of hamster and lark eggs and did not bother to fetch his prey after striking it from the air. Peep heard something break like a twig then passed out.
When he awoke he was laying on a bed of birch leaves in a forest he did not recognize. He did a full turn of his surroundings; high and low canopies intermingled, the sky was barely visible. Not a song was heard. He was on a sloped hillside, closer to the bottom than the top. Help would be at the top, water at the bottom, water first.

This is an adorable story about the loving relationship between a bird with a broken wing and a blind eagle. The words are lyrical and fun and the illustrations are simple and sweet. Perfect length for a bedtime story or nap time. The little ones want to hear it over and over!

About the Author
George Pessin was born in New York though for the last 25 years has called Los Angeles home. He is the owner of Brain Guzzle Digital Marketing, School Garden Weekly, Stem Cell Directory, and Solar Energy Directory. In his spare time he volunteers as an L. A. County Master Gardener. Bird Song is his first book.