Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Creatus" by Carmen DeSousa

by Carmen DeSousa

Creatus is a paranormal romantic suspense by Carmen DeSousa. In this novel - for the first time ever, she informs me - Carmen deleted the prologue and the first chapter and jumped right into the story. But since she knows many readers love prologues, she couldn't part with it and agreed to offer it privately to bibliophiles like you and me. This scene is not available on Amazon and is not in the actual book, but you can read it below!

As the sun's rays peeked above the horizon, lighting the abyss below her, she inhaled a deep breath, closed her eyes, and jumped. She didn't scream; she didn't look down. As much as she hated her life, she hoped it wouldn't end this way. She'd really like to see him one more time.
Her life didn't flash before her eyes as she'd always heard. Just an image of her mother covered in blood and her Dark Angel telling her he was sorry.
Creatus is a new romantic-suspense novel with a supernatural edge that answers the myths and fairy tales you've heard about preternatural sentient beings.
Prepare yourself to believe.

Deleted Prologue
Kristina cowered against the damp building, looking to her mother for direction. Even at eight, she could see the wild gleam in the man’s eyes.
Pepper spray in hand, her mother pushed her toward the street. “Run, baby!”
A knife glinted in the man’s hand as he held it up in front of him. “I just want the jewelry and your money, lady. Don’t make me hurt you or the kid.”
Her mother took her eyes off him for a fraction of a second. “Run, Kris—” Her words cut off as the man slammed the knife into her mother’s chest and then reached for Kristina, but she ran as her mother had instructed. As she fled, she heard her mother’s cries. How could she have left her, especially when it was all her fault? She stopped in the middle of the street. She had to stop him. Her legs felt heavy and sluggish as she ran back down the alley toward the mugger, tears blurring her vision. 
A silhouette of a man landed in front of her with a soft thump. When he stood up, a sliver of light from the street revealed that he was dressed in black and much larger than the guy who’d attacked them. An anguished scream shredded the air as the new man tore the thug off her mother, slamming him into the concrete. He knelt down over her mother, checking where the man had forced the knife, but she didn’t move. The kind man lifted her to her feet and she stumbled forward.
“Mommy!” Kristina screamed, seeing the blood drip from her mother’s mouth and seep through a rip in her dress.
Her mother’s eyes and mouth opened, but nothing came out.
“Go,” the man in black shouted. His voice was deep and strong, his eyes dark as he turned to the man on the ground and pulled him up by his hair.
Kristina wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist, doing her best to hold her upright. As they staggered away, one lone wail filled the air and then silence. She hoped it was the bad guy, not the one in black. Normally his dark hair and mysteriously deep eyes would scare her, but she’d felt safe when he looked at her, as if he knew her.
Her mother collapsed in her arms. The blood had soaked through her dress, turning it bright red.
She looked back to the alley where the mugger had pushed them off the sidewalk. They’d just been going to get ice cream. “Help me,” she pleaded to the man who’d saved her. He was leaning over the bad guy, his fingers touching his neck. “My mother’s dying…”
The man in black looked up at the sound of her cry, but didn’t move. “I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do.”
She blinked the tears out of her eyes, and he was gone.

Ever wonder where the ancient ideas of supernatural creatures came from? How did the legends of beings among us who posses extraordinary strength and longevity begin? In this latest novel by Carmen DeSousa, those questions are answered in a very unique and interesting way.
One young woman, tormented by tragic events in her past, is about to be introduced to a world she never knew existed. A group of people who are the root of our fairy tales...and nightmares.
As you follow alongside Kris and her new romance with Derrick, one of the Creatus, you are mesmerized by the style and pace of the story. Full of romance, intrigue, suspense and the paranormal, this truly unique story will keep you glued to the pages as Kris and Derrick struggle with their relationship and all the problems that arise when an outsider is brought into the Creatus fold.
As Kris becomes a member, she soon discovers that, along with the good, comes evil. And not everyone is happy with her inclusion into their secret world.
A great read for anyone and a book I highly recommend.

From the Author
I characterize my stories as modern-day fairy tales, as they overflow with romance, mystery, suspense, and of course, tragedy. After all, what would a fairy tale be without a tragic event setting the stage? All of my novels are sensual, but not erotic, gripping but not graphic and will make you love, laugh, cry, gasp, and hope.
Both of my published novels, She Belongs to Me (FREE) and Land of the Noonday Sun, have reached bestseller status right alongside Nicholas Sparks, J. D. Robb, and other great authors.
I'd rate all my books similar to a PG13 Movie, but I think they are appropriate for ages sixteen and up. Though scenes are sensual and gripping, there is nothing erotic or graphic ever.
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