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"Wings of Fate" by Skye Horn

Wings of Fate
(Kingdoms of Faerie Book 1)
by Skye Horn

Wings of Fate (Kingdoms of Faerie Book 1) by Skye Horn

Author Skye Horn stops by today to share an excerpt from Wings of Fate, the first book in her Kingdoms of Faerie series. Available for pre-order: Wings of Deception (releases 30 June).

Wings of Deception by Sky Horn

Death chose her for her blood; Fate chose her for her heart.
In a world without magic, Thea is ordinary, but everything changes when she discovers she is a Lost Princess from a kingdom in Faerie.
Now, a land Thea never knew existed expects her to become queen - but only if she can stop her villainous father who sits on her throne from releasing the Goddess of Death first. As darkness spreads across the Kingdoms of Faerie, Thea must prepare for the battle ahead by mastering the magic that runs through her veins with the help of the Fae who brought her home - a guardian sworn to protect her with his life.
With proper training, Thea might able to stop her father, but saving her kingdom may cost her heart.
Wings of Fate is the first book in the Kingdoms of Faerie series. The series explores a world of magic, myth, and legend through the lens of a powerful female heroine.

Book Video

Standing drenched in the rain of a foreign country after over twenty hours of travel definitely made Thea Gilbert’s list of top-ten-worst days. She admitted it probably didn’t rank as high as her parents’ dying in a car accident or finding out she was adopted, but it definitely outranked breaking up with her high school sweetheart, Marcus, after his heartfelt proposal. Apparently, being eighteen and an orphan meant she needed a husband to take care of her. That was one reason she’d left Colorado and fled to Ireland, despite the guilty voice in her head patronizing her and slating her decisions.
“Are you here to see the Faeries too?” a little boy asked from beside her, startling Thea out of her thoughts. He stared at the unextraordinary green hillside with eager eyes.
Sure, Ireland was beautiful, but once she’d seen one rolling green plain, hadn’t she seen them all?
Thea glanced at the boy briefly. He stood with his hands tucked into his red hoodie next to an elderly woman who wore a matching red raincoat. “Granny says they only come out at dusk.”
“Don’t bother the poor girl,” his grandmother scolded, tugging the little boy away from the hill. “Let’s get inside before you catch your death.”
Before Thea could formulate a response they pulled their hoods tight over their heads and hurried down the path to the village, leaving her alone in the rain. She knew this weather was normal in these parts, but by the ominous clouds forming over head and the shortage of people willing to stand outside, she wondered if this would sooner grow from a sprinkle into a storm.
Regardless, she forced her feet toward the Hill of Knockainey, which was the entire reason shed chosen Ireland as her destination to begin with. According to her adoption file, this was where her biological parents had abandoned her, wrapped in a purple silk blanket with no hint of who they were. She’d let herself sink into an aching numbness since her parents’ deaths, but it never extinguished the loneliness that constantly plagued her. It resurfaced in the form of a stomachache, twisting her insides until she felt as if she might puke, but she swallowed back the bile, inhaling sharply. Just because she was now an orphan didn’t mean she needed to fall apart at the seams.
Like the little boy who wished to see the Faeries, Thea wished she could see what her biological parents had thought when they left her in this cold, rainy country fifteen years ago. She was grateful for the loving and supportive parents who’d raised her. They’d put her through private school and intended to send her to art school in the fall, but the car accident had changed everything. Thea hadn’t touched her sketchpad since.
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Praise for the Book
“I liked the author's take on Faerie and the creatures that make up its citizenry. There’s action, humor, and romance. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Brett Humphrey Author
“This is a tale, richly woven and brilliantly told. Celtic mythology lovers, this fantasy story is just the thing you will want to read!” ~ Ashley Zerwas
“Skye does an amazing job of painting a vivid world, lifelike characters, and a unique and thrilling tale! […] I recommend this book and am so excited that the author is already working on the next books in the series!!!” ~ SvenAdorbs
“What a great first book in the series. Intriguing fantasy world with plenty of opportunity for further world building in future books. The danger to the main characters and the four kingdoms helped turn the last half of the book into an unputdownable read. I also liked the inclusion of a bunch of mythical creatures throughout the story! I’m interested in seeing what happens next.” ~ Matt
“I really enjoyed the adventure that unfolded in the Wings of Fate book. I felt drawn into the storyline and felt the characters pulled me into each page offering me the chance to watch them grow and overcome numerous obstacles along the way. I would recommend this book to anyone whether they like science fiction or fantasy. Actually, I would recommend them to readers of any genre.” ~ Ken Keiscome

About the Author
Skye Horn
Skye Horn lives in the San Bernardino Mountains with her husband and two fur-babies. She enjoys the beautiful and quiet mountain life, morning writing sessions with a cup of coffee on her home's large deck, and dancing in her living room to help her creative juices flow, while her dogs look at her like she's a madwoman. She hopes to inspire a new generation of young writers to always follow their dreams by telling the stories that constantly distract them from reality. All she really wants is to keep creating worlds of myth and magic to escape to for the rest of her life.


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