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"Haunted Charlottesville" by Susan Schwartz

Haunted Charlottesville
and Surrounding Counties
by Susan Schwartz

Haunted Charlottesville and Surrounding Counties by Susan Schwartz

Haunted Charlottesville and Surrounding Counties by Susan Schwartz releases on 28 June but is currently available for pre-order. This book tour is hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours and stops here today for my interview with the author and a giveaway. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

Charlottesville, Virginia, and its 12 surrounding counties are filled with history and charm. They also hold spirits who aren’t ready to leave their beloved homes or families behind. Visit more than 75 haunting locations with this experiential and historical guide. Shiver your way through haunted graveyards, mansions, parks, private residences, and other locations as you discover the past and learn of current lingering ghosts and the havoc they continue to instigate. Have you ever pondered about the spiritual implications from murders of olde? Think you might like to be pinched by a ghost or have your name called when no one is there? Interested in what a paranormal investigative group might find? Then make plans to explore these strange and frightening locations. Contact information is provided for those places allowing visitations. But when you visit, be ready for a haunting good time!

Praise for the Book
“I love books that feature hauntings. But I really love True haunting books the best. Susan Schwartz has done an amazing job of bringing the true haunted places together in this book. This book is about the haunted places in Charlottesville North Carolina and the surrounding counties. […] This book takes you on a armchair tour of Charlottesville point out the different places where hauntings have been reported. Some of the places are even open to the public. For these public places Susan even lists the address and if known hours. She recommends restaurants and more. She gives you some history of the place and tells you about the hauntings reported. I really enjoyed reading this book.” ~ Teresa
“The pictures included in the book really help to show the history and where the hauntings might take place. There’s part of me that really wants to go and visit some of these places while another part asks ‘Are you crazy woman?’ So perhaps I’ll just live vicariously through the stories Susan Schwartz has so kindly put together.” ~ Angie Beechan, Luv Saving Money

Interview with the Author
Author Susan Schwartz joins us today for a brief interview about her new book, Haunted Charlottesville and Surrounding Counties.
What inspired you to write this book?
My good friend, Pamela K. Kinney, had written several already about Virginia, including Haunted Richmond I, Haunted Richmond II, Paranormal Petersburg, and Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle. Since I live close to Charlottesville, she suggested I do that area. So, after two years, I finally decided I would give it a shot. Haunted Charlottesville and Surrounding Counties releases on 28 June 2019.
How did you come with the title of this book?
The title for the book came from the areas I covered in the book. Albemarle was heavily done so I named the book after the great city that encloses it.
What did you enjoy the most about writing this book?
I loved the travel and the research. I visited over 45 places in the Haunted Charlottesville book, and I interviewed most of those people myself. It was a fascinating journey across central Virginia learning about the different locations of cemeteries, Presidential homes, Civil War sites, and historic old houses that still stand.
Who designed the book cover?
My publishing company, Schiffer Publishing, designed the book cover from pictures I had taken while traveling.
If you had to it all again, would you change anything in the book?
I would probably try to add more locations and pictures, especially ghostly photos. They don’t always cooperate when you want them to do so. LOL!
What can we expect from you in the future?
I am currently working on another haunted Virginia book as well as a quirky kind of Richmond book. I am also working on several short stories and two novels – Paranormal Romance and a Medical Thriller.
Thanks for stopping by today, Susan. Enjoy the rest of your tour!

About the Author
Susan Schwartz
Susan Schwartz RN, MSN, MSHA, has been an avid writer for around 10 years doing everything from writing freelance articles to editing manuscripts for other authors. She loves to write horror stories that have a twist at the end.
Her alter ego is a former Operating Room Nurse, current Nurse Educator who loves creating tales from the interesting and weird things she has seen. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Virginia Writers Club where she has served as President of the Richmond Chapter in the past. She also has two novels in the works, a paranormal romance and a medical thriller. Her nonfiction book, Haunted Charlottesville, is being released in June 2019.
In her spare time, Susan loves to read, crochet, and travel to such places as Italy, Spain, Australia, and Korea.

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