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"Goodpoint" by Roberto Canducci

by Roberto Canducci

Goodpoint by Roberto Canducci

Author Roberto Canducci stops by today to share an excerpt from his new novel, Goodpoint, which you can buy now at 35% off the regular price. You can also sign up for the author’s newsletter to receive a FREE copy of How You Can Start Writing Your Book Successfully.

We see only what we focus on.
Although what we don’t focus on can change our lives.
Six people. Six stories. And all of them strongly connected.
- An owner of a newspaper stall, who is drowning in troubles.
- A millionaire who has it all but the one thing he wants the most.
- A careerist with a dilemma.
- A womanizer who only looks at the world through money and sex.
- An overweight publisher looking for a bestseller.
- A young widow trying to save her son’s life.
Can these lives be connected as they are happening in different places all around the world?
What if they can't exist without each other?
Is everyone looking for their own “Goodpoint”?
You may have missed a bus, or somebody cancelled a scheduled meeting.
You may have just not greeted someone on the street, or intentionally not pick up the phone.
You may have pushed someone by accident, or your car broke at the most inconvenient time.
Do you think these things are insignificant in life and do not mean anything? What if it is just the opposite?
What if life consists of seemingly insignificant things?

Book Video

The New York Metro was pretty full that Monday morning. The Brooklyn Subway was just quickly advancing over Battery Park to the next stop, Bowling Green. Jim was travelling for only 9 minutes when the subway stopped with squeaks. The door opened and people of different ages, styles, and perhaps, of every possible world nationality, began to flock to the subway. Jim has been seeing this scene repeatedly for several years, almost every day. His journey to work begin every day with his departure from his small rented flat at St. Marks Ave in Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife and two children. From there, he walks to the Atlantic Terminal subway station, where he gets on line 5.
Every morning before he enters the subway, he buys a takeaway coffee in the nearby stall. Thanks to the great New York subway transport, he is at his stall “Goodpoint” on 1st Avenue in 40 minutes. Even though there were a lot of free seats around him, he would always stand. This Monday morning, there were a bit more people coming into the subway than usual, and a young couple crowded at Jim´s back. Just like everyone who did not have the luck of having earphones with their favourite music on, Jim could not do anything, and he was forced to witness their conversation.
“Are you crazy? I´m 23 years old. I don´t need such things. Besides, I've been here for less than a year!” With an angry tone, the young woman hinted to a man in a black coat her disapproval of something Jim and the other fellow travellers were about to learn in a few seconds.
“Elizabeth, I thought what we talked about yesterday was serious.” A man said, sadly, as if he did not want to believe what he was hearing. Hmm. Elisabeth, a very interesting royal name, Jim instantly connected her name with the English Queen Elizabeth.
“I meant it, Thorton, really, but realize I'm 23 years old, and I'm really not ready for a wedding. It seems to me like you rounded the bell. You aren´t financially secure, you are just a messenger in the paper, and you tell me you want to marry me, and you'll take care of everything?” Elizabeth raised her eyebrows, rolled her eyes and turned her head away from the shocked man's gaze.
“But why did you say --” The man did not finish the sentence. “I thought you meant a couple of years. Not the next week,” the girl interrupted with a sharp tone. “In two weeks, I will be leaving for home! Have you forgotten that?” The girl hit her forehead and nervously wiped it off.
Jim started feeling a little embarrassed. He did not want to be part of this conversation, and at that moment, he decided to buy an iPod for the future. Moreover, even though he was swirling back to the couple, he saw everything in the reflection of the subway window before him.
“I didn´t forget, but I thought --” The man did not finish the sentence again because the girl interrupted him once more. 
“I thought, I thought,” she said out loud. “It seems to me that you haven´t been thinking for a long time! And I do not understand why we're still talking about this!” Elizabeth looked really angry. The man, on the other hand, looked calm but very surprised. The redness that sprang to his face didn't hide even under his stubble. 
“Elizabeth, you ... just startled me,” he said, trying to talk his way to her in a quiet and calm voice. “Didn´t you say against everything we feel good together, and you've told me I'm the only guy you want to be with.”
“Thorton, listen to me one last time.” The whole carriage with a loud noise began to slow down, causing the couple to push on Jim even more. “I'm not marrying you! I'm going home in a few weeks, and I´m not coming back to America. I thought you were reasonable and understood what I said, but obviously, I must tell you in the American way and not in the polite language of a Londoner. It´s over! I no longer want to be with you! Don´t contact me anymore! Erase my number, and fingers crossed, you will pick an American in two weeks for whom this will be normal!” Elizabeth expressed her feelings in a threatening tone. Initially, she seemed to be trying to whisper, but suddenly, it moved from whispering to an angry cry. The carriage stopped suddenly, and the voice of the subway joined the shrewd pursuit of a man and a girl.
“Union Square.” A woman's voice spoke from the subway speakers, and the door opened.
“I´m off here! Bye!” The girl's angry voice burst at the man. “Elizabeth wait, two more stops.” He screamed at her but from the distance, all that was heard was only a loud, “don´t follow me!” The man remained where he was, clearly shocked. There was a great deal of surprise and frustration on his face. The crowd that had run into the subway forced him to move. In a moment, the metro door closed, and the metal snake snapped down in the underground to the next stop. It is true that in New York, such public fights were not uncommon, but it was a bit uncomfortable, and those who had the honour of hearing the interview were silent and pretended nothing got to their ears. Jim got off at his usual stop at the corner of 33rd Street and Park Avenue. When he walked up the stairs from the subway station to the street still sleeping, the early morning New York air cooled him. Deep breathing. At six o'clock in the morning, the city was already alive, but still not in full swing. The trucks were still running through the streets, the city's staff were cleaning the road, and the contours of the city were supplemented by billboards all around and always present. In many buildings, there were lights on already. It looked like the city that never sleeps actually may nap for a while, from time to time.
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Praise for the Book
“This book was amazing! I start reading with some worry, but the story dragged me into it. I really fell in love with the end of whole story. Thank you Roberto!” ~ Peter Rockir

About the Author
Roberto Canducci
I am a writer, blogger, screenwriter, storyteller, and best basil pesto maker ever.
I am the author of several bestselling books like How You Can Start Writing Your Book Successfully, 6 Steps to Success, and my new novel Goodpoint.
I am also author of few movie scripts.
My books have been published in several countries. I love reading, writing, and teaching writers how they can reach a massive success with their products like books, screenplays, or blogs. Life is nicer with black words on white paper. Don't you think?

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