Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"Free and Clear" by Karin Kiser

Free and Clear:
7 Steps to Declutter Your Home and Your Head
by Karin Kiser

Free and Clear: 7 Steps to Declutter Your Home and Your Head by Karin Kiser

Author Karin Kiser stops by today to share an excerpt from Free and Clear: 7 Steps to Declutter Your Home and Your Head

Using the 7-step Free and Clear system, you’ll discover:
* Why you wear the same 20% of your wardrobe over and over.
* How to declutter your closet, kitchen, living spaces – and even your mind.
* How to capture a renewed sense of freedom, appreciation and ease with your physical stuff.
* The secret to breaking the re-cluttering habit once and for all.
Inside Free and Clear you’ll also discover how to create some much-needed space in your home and your head, so you can have more of what you really want in life.
So, if you’re ready to finally get to the root cause of your clutter, and become free and clear, you must get this book now.

Introduction: Dare to be AwareTM
Clutter is Not the Problem
If you’ve ever spring cleaned your house, cleared off your desk, cleaned out your closet, or donated some of your unwanted stuff to charity, you’ve experienced decluttering. Declutter means to remove unnecessary items from your home or your environment.
Take a look around your house, right now. If you’re like most people, you’ve accumulated quite a bit of new stuff since your last closet purging or trip to the donation center. What gives?
The problem is that your decluttering efforts were replaced by a gradual re-cluttering. Somehow, perhaps without your noticing, you accumulated just as much stuff as before, and your house is ripe for a bout of decluttering once again.
The truth is, your stuff isn’t the problem. It’s not even your fault. You’ve simply picked up the habit of re-cluttering.
This book will help you break the re-cluttering habit. When you break the habit of re-cluttering, you finally break free of the anxiety and exasperation that excess physical clutter can provoke. You become free and clear.
Now, if you are looking for the perfect method for folding your shirts or rearranging your stuff, this book is probably not for you. This book won’t help you rearrange your current stuff in a new way. We often think decluttering means organizing. It doesn’t. Yes, you can certainly rearrange your stuff so it is more orderly and visually appealing. But moving stuff around doesn’t get to the real issue of why you accumulated all that stuff in the first place.
This book does.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to become a minimalist to massively benefit from this book. In fact, I’m not a big fan of the word “minimalist.” I consider myself a maximizer. I live life to the max. I use my stuff to the max.
Using the 7-step Free and Clear system, you’ll break the re-cluttering habit and experiment with being a maximizer as well. In doing so, you’ll feel a renewed sense of freedom, appreciation, and ease with your external physical stuff and your internal state of being. You’ll create some much-needed space in your home and your head, so you can have more of what you really want in life.
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Praise for the Book
Free and Clear is a wise guide to maximize your life and your space. When Karin's methods are applied, your mind, your home, and your life will feel lighter and brighter.” ~ Nadine Artemis, author of Renegade Beauty and Holistic Dental Care
“Karin reveals how to break the declutter/reclutter cycle once and for all! She gets to the bottom of why we have this ‘stuff’ in the first place. An excellent read that left me motivated and inspired!” ~ Amber Wientzen, Founder, Lilac & Sage Classical Feng Shui
“This very practical approach to decluttering gets to the root of the problem - our emotional clutter in the form of unconscious beliefs. It brings a level of awareness to the issue that few books deal with and shows the way to finally get to the core of the problem in a step-by-step plan. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take it to the next level.” ~ Alison Schockner, Feng Shui Practitioner
“Karin Kiser’s 7 step method challenges you to a Free and Clear decluttering of your mind and life. I feel her ideas will remove a considerable amount of stress in my life plus liberate unnecessary ‘stuff’ attachments with their time consuming responsibilities. Thanks, Karin. A great read!” ~ Cheryl Piquard
“This straightforward book delves into why we hang onto to stuff we never use. It provides the reader with powerful and introspective steps to help understand and break the habit of amassing clutter. I feel I have been given the tools (and a nudge) to start rethinking, repurposing and de-cluttering my life!” ~ Diann, San Diego

About the Author
Karin Kiser
Karin Kiser is the author of Lighten Your Load, founder of Radical SimplicityTM, and creator of the Ultimate Life and Body Reboot program. She helps professional and health-conscious women and men simplify and detox their lives so they can live at a higher level with more time, energy, simplicity, and ease.
As a visionary, mentor and speaker, she inspires women and men to greater health and happiness by helping them reduce the physical, mental, and emotional toxins blocking their path. She has worked with hundreds of individuals to reduce stress, lighten their load, laugh more, breathe more, and BE more.
A former corporate executive and Pilates studio owner, Karin is on a mission to help people live lives of joy, radiant health and sustainability, for themselves and for the planet.