Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"My Prince Wears Blue Jeans" by Kayla Davidson

My Prince Wears Blue Jeans
by Kayla Davidson

My Prince Wears Blue Jeans by Kayla Davidson

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Many girls dream of a prince from a land far away and long ago. What about the prince she sees every day? In My Prince Wears Blue Jeans, author Kayla Davidson celebrates ranching life and the love between a father and daughter as she compares a modern-day cowboy to a little girl’s prince. Yes, this prince really does wear blue jeans.


Praise for the Book
“This is such a sweet, well written story! It comes to life on the beautifully illustrated pages, and you can feel the love. The text is perfect for reading aloud to your child, and also for beginning readers. And, while it’s great for children, I bought this book for my grown daughter, who still thinks of her daddy as a prince in blue jeans. I highly recommend this book and this author.” ~ S. Hunnicutt
“I thoroughly enjoyed My Prince Wears Blue Jeans. It’s a wonderful tale about the relationship between a little girl and her daddy. […] There are important messages shared in this story. Readers will see it's not always necessary to live in a castle to be cherished like a princess.” ~ Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
“This is one of the nicest children's books I've seen for a long time, daughters will love it.” ~ Shaun Green
“It's hard to find something I did not like about this book. I've shown this to a few friends already.” ~ Dan Dynneson
“What a wonderful book portraying a little girl’s love, respect and admiration of her father. This story shows a great example of a father who is active in every aspect of his child's life. I really enjoyed reading this sweet story.” ~ Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson

My Review
I received this book in return for an honest review.

By Lynda Dickson
A little girl tells us all about her dad, who she regards as her “prince in blue jeans”. In her eyes, her father’s ranch is his kingdom, and she is his princess.
The illustrations by Eunsoo Jeong are adorable and really capture the farming life. I love the fact that in this book it’s a little girl helping her father around the ranch. It will show girls that they can do anything they turn their minds to. I also like the fact that dad doesn’t mind doing “girly” things like dancing with his daughter, having tea parties with her, and even painting his daughter’s toenails.
This book is a celebration of farm life and the father-daughter bond. It would make the perfect gift for daddy’s little princess.

About the Author
Kayla Davidson
Kayla Davidson is wife to Travis, mother to two daughters, and author of children’s books, My Prince Wears Blue Jeans, The Ride, and Daddy’s Little Squirrel. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Angelo State University. Together, Travis and Kayla ranch in west Texas on land which has been in their families for many generations. In My Prince Wears Blue Jeans, Davidson celebrates ranching life and the love between a father and daughter.