Monday, November 20, 2017

"Hayden the Perfect Hedgehog" by Arla Jayne

Hayden the Perfect Hedgehog
by Arla Jayne

Hayden the Perfect Hedgehog by Arla Jayne

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He’s not like me ...
Come along with Hayden the Perfect Hedgehog and his momma on his first journey outside of Tiny Yard. Meet a young toad named Johnny and experience Hayden’s first interaction with someone not like him.

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"Being different is OK as long as you are you.
So be yourself and let your friends be their own selves too."

Praise for the Book
"This book has a wonderful message for all children. It teaches kids that everyone is different and that those differences are what makes us great. Very well written and the artwork is vibrant and sure to capture your little one's attention." ~ B Fett
"Hayden the Perfect Hedgehog is a great addition to any young child's library. It highlights important values while keeping kids engaged and interested. The cute illustrations, along with lessons of acceptance and friendship, will be something that children can share for ages to come!" ~ Joseph J Zukoski
"Great 1st story in Hayden's adventure. Can't wait for the next one." ~ Joanna
"My daughter and I really enjoyed this book. It has a wonderful lesson, and the book flows wonderfully." ~ mb
"Such a cute story and my kids enjoyed it!!" ~ Bonnie Gilligan

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
Hayden lives in Tiny Yard with his momma, and he's never been anywhere else. When it's time to start school, his momma gives him this advice: "You be you and I'll be me. We'll be happy as can be." Hayden doesn't understand this at first, but then he meets someone who isn't like him. He learns that everyone is different, and that's a good thing.
The story is written in cute rhyming verse, but some of the sentences are awkwardly phrased in order to get that rhyme. In addition, some of the pages contain too much text, which may be overwhelming for the target audience of children ages 3 to 7. The colorful illustrations, also by the author, bring the characters to life, and children are sure to fall in love with Hayden the Hedgehog. However, I'm not sure if calling him "perfect" is appropriate, as he so obviously isn't - and that's not a bad thing!
This is the first in a series of adventures featuring Hayden the Hedgehog This book provides a valuable lesson about diversity, and I'm interested to see what the author comes up with next.

About the Author
Arla Jayne
Arla worked in corporate America for over thirty years. Her favorite responsibility was diversity training. This experience, combined with her love of children, drove her to create this series with the intent to bring diversity understanding and acceptance to the youngest readers. Arla is married to her wonderful husband, Ron. She has a son, whom this book honors, and was blessed to have four beautiful young ladies brought into her life through marriage. Being a mom to these wonderful people is her favorite job!