Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Flash Crash" by Denison Hatch

Flash Crash
(Jake Rivett Book 1)
by Denison Hatch

Flash Crash is the first book in the Jake Rivett thriller series by Denison Hatch. Also available: Never Go Alone.

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When a rogue quantitative programmer intentionally crashes the gold index, it seems that Wall Street's worst nightmare has come true. In truth, the crisis has just begun.
Across town, an armored truck filled with $120M of gold bullion is hijacked by an ingeniously crafted electromagnetic crane and seemingly driven into thin air.
Programmer David Belov discovers that his virtual "Flash Crash" was simply a required stepping stone towards the largest physical gold robbery in history, and that's he's been framed for the resulting chaos, the lives of his beloved wife and son on the balance ...
With brooding, hardboiled detective Jake Rivett and the NYPD's finest operators from the Major Crimes Division actively seeking to locate and arrest David, and other, darker elements nipping at his heels, David is forced to confront his own past in order to have a future.

Suddenly there was a faint whooping noise in the distance.
“Did you hear that?” David asked.
“No. Do you hear me?”
David pulled Marina in for an embrace. “You have to trust me. I know what I’m doing ...”
“He’s a scorpion.”
“What?” David asked as he scanned the horizon, searching for the source of the mystery vibration.
“Your mom’s favorite story. I’m sure you remember. A frog needs to get across a river, and there’s a scorpion sitting there at the riverbank. The scorpion helpfully offers to carry the frog on his back. So the frog says to him, ‘Well you’re a scorpion. Why should I trust you? How do I know you won’t just sting me?’ And the scorpion answers, ‘Because you have my word. I promise that I won’t bite you.’ So the frog takes the ride. And just as the two of them are about to reach the safety of the other shore, the scorpion suddenly stings the frog. As poison runs through his body and he lays there dying, the frog asks the scorpion one final question: ‘Why’d you do it?’ And the scorpion says, ‘Because I’m a scorpion.’ Vlad’s stung you before. And he’ll sting you again.”
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Praise for the Book
"ONE OF THE YEAR'S BEST THRILLERS. An absolute bullseye, reinventing the heist thriller for the information age." ~
"Dialogue as entertainingly raunchy as that in The Wolf of Wall Street or the Showtime TV series Billions." ~ Kirkus Reviews
"Theft, murder, betrayal, and computer coding come together in Flash Crash. Deftly going from the rich world of bankers to the dregs of Chinatown, Hatch's pacing ensures there is never a dull moment." ~ IndieReader Approved
"The tension mounts with ever increasing intensity. A highly recommended yarn; the launching of a promising writing career for Denison Hatch." ~ BookPostMortem
"How far would you go to protect your family? The sooner Hatch writes more in this new Jake Rivett series, the better." ~ San Francisco Book Review
"Fast paced, entertaining read that combines action and adventure with creative code. Readers looking for an exciting thriller will not be disappointed." ~ DigitalPubbing

About the Author
Denison Hatch is a screenwriter and novelist. He has a number of feature and television projects in development, including his original screenplay, Vanish Man, which is set up at Lionsgate. A graduate of Cornell University, he lives with his wife and a big dog in a little house in Hollywood. He is presently working on the third Jake Rivett thriller.

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