Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Waiting for Heaven" by Heather Gillis

Waiting for Heaven:
Finding Beauty in the Pain and the Struggle
by Heather Gillis

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Life can sometimes lead us to unexpected places, to only leave us broken, desperate, and hurting.
Heather Gillis and her husband, Mac, waited in anticipation for the birth of their third child. Like many Christian couples, their dreams and expectations in marriage, parenthood, and daily life developed differently than they’d planned, and left them grieving a life that would never be.
Their journey gives insight into a new normal and uncovers the stepping stones of the healing process. In their process, they re-discovered God’s abounding love through their experiences of joy, heartbreak, and purpose.
Heather reaches out to parents around the globe to speak openly about being a wife, mother, friend, relative, or stranger during life-changing trials and devastating struggles. In God’s love, she has found beauty in the midst of pain and struggle, as well as peace in His presence on Earth while waiting for Heaven.

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Life is not about how comfortable I can be; to expect life to be comfortable is unrealistic. I’m not exempt from the harshness or pain of this world. I have realized since Bowen’s passing that there are no guarantees in life; to think otherwise leads to disappointment. When I was pregnant, I assumed Bowen would be healthy. I assumed that when I left the house, I would return, unharmed. I assumed for some reason I would make it through life unscathed; I never thought I would be writing these words.
We can do all the right things in life, but that doesn’t guarantee us rewards or benefits in this life. We did not choose the path we are walking, but God willing, we will endure what comes our way and to where God wants us to go. We can have all the plans in the world but God is in the driver’s seat, and God knows what he is doing; we just have to trust him. Uncomfortable situations have taught me to trust in God, and I have learned more than I ever thought I would; and still am.

Featured Review
I was so touched and moved by Heather’s story about her newborn son, Bowen, who was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease soon after he was born. She walks you through every major point during Bowen’s fight to live, to saying good-bye, to trying to put back the pieces after he is in heaven. You truly feel like you are right there with her going through all the heart wrenching decisions and emotions. There were times I had to just close the book and walk away from it. My heart was breaking too much to continue reading. I also soon found out, it is hard to read this book in public. Many times I had tears streaming down my face. Though, I was pulled back into the book because I needed to know how not only she and Mac endured this life-changing, traumatic, painful experience, but how they went from surviving to thriving and making a difference in countless lives. I was blessed beyond measure reading this book. It has changed me in so many ways; especially how to help others who are grieving a loss of a child. I’m grateful that Heather had the courage and boldness to write this book. I can only imagine how it brought up so many painful memories, but unselfishly she pushed through and showed how faith in Christ can strengthen a person and help them change and become even stronger. This is definitely a must-read book. It will change you from the inside out.

About the Author
Meet Heather Gillis. In her book, Waiting for Heaven, Heather recalls the story of her infant son, Bowen, and her family's journey with polycystic kidney disease. Through Bowen's short life and death, she and her husband, Mac, discovered the true meaning of God’s love and grace. By telling her poignant story in the book and speaking to groups, Heather hopes she can help others through the challenges of loss and devastation; giving hope that there can be joy and happiness again.
After Bowen's death, Heather founded Bowen's Hope, a ministry serving kidney disease kids and their families, especially those getting dialysis treatments at Phoenix Children's Hospital. She's also involved with Camp Maska for dialysis patients in Arizona, and has raised over $50,000 for the PKD Foundation. In addition, Heather volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, an organization serving meals and providing temporary housing to families with children in the hospital.
Heather works part time as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. She and Mac have two living children, Brooklyn and Blake. With a serving heart, Heather’s passions are her family and helping others.

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