Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Animals: 30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals" by Michel Vergotte

Animals: 30 Fascinating 
Bedtime Stories About Animals
by Michel Vergotte

Animals: 30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals contains the following stories suitable for children aged 4-8 years:
  • Busy Little Buzzy – Bee
  • Omar The Desert Animal – Camel
  • Tommy Helps A Friend – Cat
  • Colorful Camilla – Chameleon
  • Mama Moo – Cow
  • Dilly The Reptile Says Sorry – Crocodile
  • Billy Chases The Housekeeper – Dog
  • Sally Teaches The Mermaid How To Dance – Dolphin
  • Donny The Helpful Friend – Duck
  • Ely Saves His Family – Elephant
  • Fanny The Tall Pink Bird – Flamingo
  • Todd Hops Back Home – Frog
  • Gigi Learns A Lesson – Giraffe
  • Stan The Fastest Runner In The World – Horse
  • Kenny The Australian Animal – Kangaroo
  • Leo And His Little Cubs – Lion
  • Kiki The Naughty Animal – Monkey
  • Little Mosey And Her Friend Rat – Mouse
  • Polly Learns To Talk – Parrot
  • Penny And His Dark Blue And White Feathers – Penguin
  • How Paul The Bear Became White – Polar Bear
  • Roger Tricks Billy Goat – Rabbit
  • Pesky Gets Caught In A Trap – Rat
  • Riri Gets A Nose Horn – Rhino
  • Scotty Becomes Friends With Seal – Shark
  • Milo The Slithering Animal – Snake
  • How Stacy Made Her Wedding Dress – Spider
  • How Chippy Got His Bushy Tail – Squirrel
  • Tammy And Her Great Big Shell – Turtle
  • Zoey Gets Some Stripes – Zebra

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Editorial Review
Which animal has large, floppy gray ears and can hear from miles away? Which animal loves running and eats grass and lives on a farm? If you’ve guessed elephants and horses, then you sure do know your animals! But do your children have such a strong grasp on the different characteristics of animals?
30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals is a great book of children stories to get your child thinking about what exactly makes a specific animal so special! All stories for kids involved in this series lead your child with hints and markings about many different animals, and at the end of each story, the child is asked to guess which animal was being discussed. Each story for kids is so eloquently told, full of detail and ripe suggestions, that your child will have no trouble guessing at all!

Customer Review
This is a truly delightful little book for younger children. I like the fact that it has many stories (30), because it makes for 30 delightful bedtime stories. My stepson loved all the stories, and my personal favorite is "Mama Moo". The stories are fun as well as educational. The stories are about two pages long, in this way they are not too long and they are not too short. Again for me this is key because this is the right length for bedtime stories. The vocabulary of the book is at the right level too, not hard, and yet advanced enough to help with learning. Overall I am very satisfied with "Animals" and look forward to more books from the author. Highly recommended.

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