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"The Girl From Yesterday - The Blood Dynasty Chronicles Part 1" by David L. Dawson

The Girl From Yesterday -
The Blood Dynasty Chronicles Part 1
by David L. Dawson

Romance, intrigue and adventure collide in The Blood Dynasty Chronicles, a new serial for young adults based on the legend of Sleeping Beauty, only with added vampires and dystopian futures!
Ashlyn wakes up a thousand years in the future to a world run by vampires. She is sold into slavery and ends up falling for her master's son, the handsome Jensen, and becomes embroiled in the plans of Union Jack, a revolutionary who wants all vampires dead...
The first volume of The Blood Dynasty Chronicles lasts for six parts.

Ashlyn looked up as he entered her cell.  She wanted to ignore him or tell him to leave her to her privacy but she feared the backlash.  He could have her taken to the kitchens to have her blood drained if she disobeyed him.  Yet the rebellious part of her longed to stand up for herself and for her rights as a human.  Would he even listen?  He’d probably just smirk.  The Sublime family liked to smirk.
            She waited for him to say something, refusing to look at him.  He brought out things in her that she refused to acknowledge.  Besides, it was forbidden to look a member of the family in the eye.
            “I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked,” he apologized.
            “It’s your house, you can do as you please,” said Ashlyn.
            They certainly did as they pleased.  Ashlyn remembered the look on the maid’s face as he…She banished the image from her mind.  It did no good to ponder.
            “I don’t normally talk to the workers but you intrigue me,” he said.  She kept her eyes on his chest.  He was wearing the form-fitting suit he had on earlier.  No part of him was unattractive.  She turned her eyes to the floor instead.
            “Nothing intrigues me these days,” he admitted.
            “I guess I do have an interesting past,” said Ashlyn.
            She laughed, and he said, “What’s so funny?”
            “Workers shouldn’t laugh?” she demanded.
            He came closer, and her hands began to shake.  This man was a monster.  They were all monsters, swarming over the planet like ants.  She was trapped in a room with one of them and she was sure he could hear her heart beat faster in pure terror.  It probably made him happy to see her so cowed in his presence.
            “I want you to tell me about yourself,” he asked.  “I want to know everything there is to know about Ashlyn Fountain.”
            “I belong to you,” snapped Ashlyn.  “I’m your slave, your property.  What else do you want, or need, to know?”
            He gave her a surprise when he sat beside her on the bed.  There was no warmth coming from him, just a wave of icy coldness that seemed to pick at her bones.  She wondered why he was really here and when he would leave.  What she’d done today in her duties as slave had drained her and she just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep for a hundred years.
            I’ve slept enough, she thought.  I’ve slept more than enough.
            “Please,” he pleaded.  The note in his voice surprised her.  She thought she heard genuine interest.  “Humor me.  I want to know how you got here.”
            “You know how I got here,” she said.  “That’s why you find me so interesting.”
            It couldn’t do her any harm to tell him, could it?  If it got her treated any better in the future then weaving a simple story of her past would be a sound investment. 
            “You want to know what my life was like before this?  It was boring and simple.  I was a normal girl with normal problems.  A thousand years ago, vampires were considered folklore and were stars of romantic fiction.  How could we ever know that they were real, and that they would take over the world one day, and that world would be a utopia for them?  For us humans, though...we’re slaves.  I’ll tell you what my life was like was better than this.”

This book was more amazing than I expected! With so many teen vampire books out, I thought I was going to read just another version of something already done, but I was wrong. There were so many unique aspects of this book! The red net that cast a bloody hue over the city to protect the vampires from the UV rays was the coolest part of the book for me. I could image it clearly, and it explained how the vamps could be out during the day in a realistic way. I also liked the idea of the vampires hating technological advances. My favorite character, by far, was Catherine. She never did anything I expected! The Girl from Yesterday has great writing, with an ending you won't see coming!

About the Author
David L. Dawson is the writer of The Fall and The Sky Is Falling, the first two parts of the dystopian God Slayers Quartet. He also wrote the novella series Snow White and Trip, as well as the middle grade Book of Fire Trilogy. His latest project is The Blood Dynasty Chronicles, a dystopian/scifi/vampire romance series, of which The Girl from Yesterday is the first part. The Streets are Paved with Blood and Masks are also available in this series.