Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 31 March 2013

This Week on Books Direct

Here is a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Self-Publishing Tool Kit: A Free Resource For Writers" - Free tips and strategies for self-publishing writers from Writer's Relief.

"A Map to Get Out of Writer's Block" - Article by NY Book Editors.
If you're a writer, chances are you've experienced writer's block. Well, now there's a map to help you find your way out of it

"Book Publishers Scramble to Rewrite Their Future" - Article by Evan Hughes for Wired.
How have the digital revolution, the rise of Amazon as an online bookseller, and the decline of the physical bookstore affected traditional publishers?"

"Goodreads – the #1 Choice for Authors" - Article by Doris-Maria Heilmann as guest of The Linden Chronicles.
Goodreads is an often under-estimated social network marketing tool. Authors can increase their discoverability tremendously – and subsequently their book’s success, with all the tools that Goodreads has to offer.

"How to Format Your Book for Kindle Using Microsoft Word in 6 Easy Steps" - Article by Kristen Ecktstein for Ultimate Book Coach.
Anyone who’s tried formatting their eBook themselves will tell you it’s no small feat. If your Kindle book has bullet points, graphics, tables, block quotes or any other special formatting issues, this tutorial may not work for you. However, if your eBook does not contain these formatting issues, here are 6 Easy Steps to turn your Microsoft Word document into a Kindle book.

There’s no denying it: These days, just having an author website isn’t enough to get you noticed as a writer. Social media has become a huge part of everyday life. Industry experts all over the Web constantly tout the benefits of blogging, tweeting, liking, pinning, stumbling, tumbling… For many writers, social media is one of the most daunting aspects of launching a successful online author platform. Where do you even start?

Writing dialogue in memoirs or nonfiction books makes people nervous. And with good reason! Novelists base their work on fabrications of varying extents; memoirists and writers of narrative nonfiction have to be prepared to stand behind their every word as fact. So, if nonfiction is about fact, then what should a writer do about writing dialogue in nonfiction if he/she doesn’t know or remember exactly what was said?

"Thoughts on Killing Off a Character" - Article by Sophie Schiller for Indies Unlimited.
Under what circumstances is it acceptable to kill off a character?

"How Authors Should Work With A Book Publicist" - Article by Brian Feinblum for Book Marketing Buzz Blog.
The keys to a good publicity campaign rest in the establishment of a good relationship between the author and the publicist. Find out how to establish and maintain this relationship.

"Codebreaking for Beginners" - Article by Carol E. Wyer for Indies Unlimited.
The QR Code is a valuable tool for writers. If you can put a code on your business card, the cover of your latest book or even your website, savvy iphone users will be able to be directed immediately to where you want them – where you sell your books.

"89 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life" - Article by Caitlin Muir: Writing & Editing for Author Media.
Fresh out of ideas on how to help your writing take off? You’re in luck. Caitlin has compiled a list of 89 book marketing ideas that will change your life, build your brand, and sell your book. There’s something for everyone on the list.

"The First Draft Blues" - Article by Melissa Pearl for Indies Unlimited.
Do you ever suffer from self-doubt in your writing? How do you overcome it?

Writing encompasses not just novel writing – and all the genres of it – but also short story writing (a different skill set), essays, science papers, journalism – feature writing in particular – non-fiction in its many forms. Even blogging, which is a slight variant on the feature writing skill set.

"Formula for a Bestselling Young Adult Paranormal Romance" - Article by K. S. Brooks for Indies Unlimited.
Here it is – the long-awaited formula for that explosive young adult paranormal romance!

"Amazon Buys Goodreads: The Hidden Impact On An Author’s Book Sales" - Article by Jonathan Gunson for Bestseller Labs.
The inevitable has finally happened, but… it’s still something of a shock. What do you think of this 'publishing' marriage? Great idea? Awful? Do you already use Goodreads? Do you have any tips for other authors?