Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From Behind the Mind by Belle Marsh

From Behind the Mind
by Belle Marsh


From the author:

I think there is always a need for something of beauty in our lives. Something to enlighten, brighten up the day, raise questions or just for plain fun. Poetry enables a quick emotional tour into thoughts and ideas that make us question life, love and friendship.

I wrote From Behind the Mind from that perspective. It is about everyone's journey toward self enlightenment and understanding, without being too heavy.

A comforting book, a questioning book and above all a book about the choices we make in our journey to self discovery. Here are two of my poems, not in the book, so that the book comes fresh to the reader.

Ms Money Penny

I am a keeper

I don't do he's not that into me

I'm not interested in flaky excuses

If you do not phone me
I'll to do the same thing twice
I have no time for the sort of men
Who aren't very nice
don't bother with that
Easy easy gleamed eye'd smile
it doesn't work on me
you can try it on other women
It's some people's cup of tea
because I am a keeper
I can wait and wait
I've seen your type come and go
their masculine allure abate
When your fat, still trying your moves
Pathetic as you pull
I'll have the kids, security
and you will be the fool
Play around and waste your time
Leave hearts shattered, broken
I care not for your company
That's why we haven't spoken

My Cat

I love my cat,

Furry velvet patty pat

Brush me gently

Just like that
Pat, pat, patty, patty pat
Purry whirry sleepy cat
Paddy paws, tummy fat
Tatty, matty, latte cat
Silky paws, sat on mat
Milky whiskers, mices scat
Fatty, natty, catty cat
Silent, shifting pretty cat
Disappears, just like that


By Psythiros

I really enjoyed reading Belle's stories and poetry. I felt a deep connection with the poems written about life experiences. The flash fiction was very creative. Each story had a thought provoking ending about life and choices.

I encourage everyone to read more poetry. It flows so beautifully and paints the world in vibrant colors.

About the Author
Belle Marsh lives and works in London. Belle writes with an associate author, Declan Munro, who is also her partner. They pooled their resources and experience to tap into the world of the psychological thriller in Nightingale Vale: Murder is Relative. Declan is a blue collar worker with experience in the building industry and who does a bit of acting on the side. He pulls no punches in his no-nonsense writing; he does the meaty, tough stuff. Belle, refines the rougher edges and adds the psychological twists and the turn-of-the-screw weird stuff.
Belle is also the author of Hoxton Kirby - Blood Red Sheets, the first in the Cusworth and Keally Mysteries. From Behind the Mind is Belle's latest release and her first book of poetry.