Monday, October 29, 2012

Mourning Sky: Book 3 of Under Shattered Skies by P. D. Allen

Mourning Sky:
Book 3 of Under Shattered Skies
by P. D. Allen

Mourning Sky, Book 3 in the Under Shattered Skies trilogy, has just been released. You can read about it below. If you haven't already, make sure you also read Murderer's Sky and Daemon Sky, Books 1 and 2 in the series. You can find out more about them in my previous blog post

This is the final book of the Under Shattered Skies trilogy. The sky erupts, raining devastation upon the town of Heater, Arizona, and upon the entire world. Albert Hayne, Sheriff Pierce, Kevin Howell, Maria Diaz and all the other characters struggle to survive, fighting against racial hatred, zombies, the military and daemonic forces. This climactic novel takes us to new dimensions of suspense, thrills and horror.

Allison fell to the floor as the building creaked and swayed. The long rows of berths teetered, spilling out bodies all over the hall. A heavy man, Joanna Cafrey’s husband Bud had Allison known it, fell on top of her, pinning her to the floor. She grappled with the man, who almost seemed to be wrestling with her. Another body fell on her from the opposite side of the aisle, helping Mr. Cafrey hold her down. Mr. Cafrey was hugging her cheek to cheek. A bead of drool fell from his mouth and ran down her neck. Allison screamed, though the sound of it was lost in the rumbling of the earthquake.
The tremors stopped. The only sound was Allison crying. She became furious, pushing the bodies off of her, struggling to free herself. Mr. Cafrey rolled onto his side with a groan. Allison froze, watching him closely. He moved his head ever so slightly, smacked his lips, and then fell silent again, never opening his eyes the whole time.
Allison looked at the other bodies around her. These people were not dead; they were sleeping. And they were sleeping so soundly even the earthquake had not wakened them.
“What is going on here?” Reverend Chassey’s voice thundered through the hall, startling her. Allison looked around, but could not see him.
“We can’t have this.” The Reverend went on, his voice coming from another aisle. “It simply isn’t proper.”
Allison retrieved her paint scraper and stepped around the fallen sleepers. She followed Reverend Chassey’s voice past the next aisle. “Our Lord cannot find you like this; what would he think?’
And there he was, standing over a pile of sleeping bodies with his hands on his hips. “Get back into your beds.”
All around Allison, the sleepers started to move. At her feet, Mercy Tolver rolled over and looked up at her. Allison had always disliked Mercy, since she caught Allison and her sister sneaking a cigarette in the bathroom during bible study. Allison held her breath, waiting for Mercy to say something, but the woman did not. Though she looked directly at Allison, her eyes were blank and unseeing.

By Elaina Davidson
I couldn't wait to read this, the final book in the trilogy Under Shattered Skies. Murderer's Sky set us on a path to destruction, while Daemon Sky opened our eyes to the unseen forces that lurk around. And now it is time for the showdown in Mourning Sky...and it is quite the showdown!
I really don't want to give it away (go forth and read it!), but will reveal the Reverend Chassey and his army of the "faithful" is sufficient to give one the shivers ... but he isn't alone in his dark intent. As the atmosphere explodes and the stars bleed blood, the townspeople of Heater rise up and surrender to the darkness within. Heater burns and everywhere terrible death and suffering manifests, at the behest of Martin Ross and the archetype possessing him. And a boy paints the future, every curl and line he makes upon paper creating it in reality, spurring on the spread of evil.
But there is also hope. Good people step forward, among them young Kevin, who hopes to rescue his friend, and the sheriff, who hopes to rescue his town. A woman and her newborn hold the key to reviving the earth, while Father Albert Hayne steps into his true destiny, playing his fiddle to haunting results.
The earth mourns as the sky weeps. Is this the end of humankind? And that is as much as I'll say about the story, but I must add this: loved it, brilliant, a fantastic read, a fitting end! Your turn - read it!

About the Author
P. D. Allen has seen the publishing industry from many angles, as an editor, proofreader, typesetter and a sales clerk in a book store. But first and foremost, he is a novelist. With the publishing industry in turmoil due to the rising popularity of eBooks, he has chosen to throw his hat in the ring as an indie author.
P. D. has led a dynamic and adventurous life. He bicycled the Rocky Mountains, traveled the country as a wandering minstrel, and took degrees in geology, earth science and mathematics. Some consider him an authority on energy issues. His work has been referred to in the US Congress, and in the Australian and French Parliaments.
Yet his greatest talent has always been storytelling. He writes fiction in longhand, with a pen and paper, and then types the handwritten manuscripts into document files for proofing and editing.
Twelve years ago, he had the good fortune to find his soul mate, Elizabeth Anne Pfeiffer (nee Lovan). Elizabeth is an angel who has stood by his side through the best and worst, and has always believed in him, even when he did not believe in himself. He must have done something good, to have such a wonderful person as his partner.
The last book in the Under Shattered Skies trilogy, Mourning Sky, was released in October 2012. Over the next couple of years, P. D. Allen will release several novels. He will also produce further volumes of Yoopernatural and Quantum Meditations.