Saturday, September 22, 2012

Silver Mortal by Jenna Kay

Silver Mortal
by Jenna Kay

There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes, where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents. Gracen Potts lives in this world. Her job is to serve and protect those who are oblivious to the monsters hiding from the light.
As a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell. With the Silver Eagle blood running through her veins she feels like nothing can take her down. That is, until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan.
Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipers?

I've always been a little different, leaning toward the weird and unusual side. From my long white hair and fair skin, to my almost clear blue eyes—weird, weird, weird. Not to mention my anti-social status and could care less attitude. But my weirdness level shot up to maximum proportions the day I turned thirteen. That was the day I saw a werewolf for the first time.
Now I say werewolf because it looked like something from the horror movies I'd watched and the paranormal books I'd read. Black beady eyes, tall, hairy, muscular body, sharp claws, long snout and teeth, pointy ears, resembling a large canine—you get the picture. Though later on I learned it had not been a werewolf at all, but a demon.
Demon. Yes, that's what I said. You see, up until that day I thought I was just your average looney, knowing and seeing nothing but what I saw in front of me. Everything had been school, boys, headaches, snotty girls, and tests—crappy school junk. Little did I know that I'd been born into a family who had been touched long ago by the supernatural.

By Amy Conley
Silver Mortal is without a doubt one of the coolest books you will read this year!! It has such an amazing story line & super cool characters no other book can compare to it! Once I started reading I couldn't stop and I found myself getting deeper and deeper by every page until I realized I had devoured the book in one day's sitting and still I wanted more!!! I can't wait for the release of book two to find out what will happen next!!
Gracen is not your normal girl and at school she is known as a freak because she looks different than everyone else she only has one friend named Bets aka Betsina.. they hang out and go to parties but Gracen has to leave before midnight because she undergoes changes.. eyes that turn silver and she has silver scars on her cheek its part of who she is it's in her genes... She & her mom help save Untouched Humans from Vipers.. Vipers want to corrupt and destroy mankind with evil... while out on one of her missions she comes in contact with a Viper who claims everything is not as it seems and he doesn't want to live in evil & destruction and asks Gracen and her mom for help.. Everything Gracen has been taught about Vipers leaves her confused.. can she trust him??? can he really change and be good??? read on to find out... you won't believe what happens!!!!

About the Author
Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination. At the age of thirty she decided it was time to put her imagination to work.
Growing up with three older brothers made her strong and one tough cookie. She was blessed with two loving parents, both that encouraged her to follow her dreams and always made sure that she was in Church. Her mama is her biggest fan. She graduated from high school in Georgia, where she played varsity basketball. Later, she obtained a cosmetology license from the State of Georgia and practiced cosmetology for 8 years before becoming a full time mother and author. Her works include Mark of the Seer, Broken (The Seer Society Series), Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles), and Beyond the Never Anthology. Silver Identity, the latest addition to The Gracen Chronicles, was published in November 2012.
Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends time with her three young children and her loving husband.