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"Vengeance in the Wind" by Judy Bruce

Vengeance in the Wind
(Wind Series Book 6)
by Judy Bruce

Vengeance in the Wind (Wind Series Book 6) by Judy Bruce

Author Judy Bruce stops by today to share an excerpt from Vengeance in the Wind, the sixth standalone book in the Wind Series. Also available: Voices in the Wind (read my blog post), Alone in the Wind (read my blog post), Cries in the Wind (read my blog post), Fire in the Wind (read my blog post), and Lies in the Wind (read my blog post).

Wind Series by Judy Bruce

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Following a trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Megan Docket, a young attorney, helps her friends plan and execute a haunted house. When a murder occurs there, she must expose the killer to protect the people who are falsely accused. When her mother and her law firm staff are held hostage by the killers, she uses her wits and moxie to stage a rescue.

Excerpt from Chapter 1
I stood atop a grassy knoll, lashed by the wind, pretending to admire the September horizon, streaked in yellow and orange. In truth, my insides swirled in an acidic maelstrom of portent. What now? I shut my eyes, trying to focus, but the warning remained hazy. When gray clouds swallowed the western sun, I felt obligated to rejoin the group—members of the Lakota reservation preparing a cookout. They’d been so friendly to me and my husband Jay, but my legs turned to lead so I stood anchored to the ground.
Jackson Draper, our host and an elder on the Pine Ridge Reservation in southern South Dakota, silently, suddenly stepped next to me. “Will it storm?”
I smiled. “I don’t really know how to read the clouds, but those dark ones to the south look ominous. Maybe we’re getting some rain back home.”
Wakinyan, thunderclouds,” he said. “Let us hope.” 
The small, wiry man with deep set wrinkles and wispy silver hair had given me the name, “The Woman Who Feels.” So his question didn’t surprise me.
“Do you feel something?”
“Yes, but it’s so vague…I can’t get a bead on it. How could you tell?”
“It’s hard to describe…but you looked so intense. Another elder, Alex, came to me. He was watching you, too.”

Praise for the Book
Vengeance in the Wind is a work of tense murder mystery and atmospheric fiction, penned by author Judy Bruce. Written as book six in the Wind Series, this short but satisfying novel is sure to grip readers with its tense narrative and intriguing mystery in a haunted house. […] Despite not having read any of the previous mysteries in the series, it was really easy for me to get into the groove of author Judy Bruce’s Wind Series. Megan is an instantly relatable central heroine, strong but vulnerable, and clearly affected by the traumas which haunted her recent past, but also skillful and aware because of them. […] an excellent addition to what is sure to be an enthralling mystery series.” ~ K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
“If you’re a fan of small-town mysteries you can’t put down, pick up Vengeance in the Wind. Even though it is part of a series, it is a standalone. Judy Bruce fills in the gaps on previous events so you can follow the story. Highly recommend!” ~ N. N. Light
Vengeance in the Wind (Wind Series Book 6) is an action-packed, mystery adventure with a strong female lead, in Megan Docket. Author Judy Bruce has done a fine job of painting a picture of this diminutive, yet feisty and determined young lawyer who takes no bull from anyone and is certain of one thing – when her and her friends are threatened, she will back down to no one.” ~ Grant Leishman

About the Author
Judy Bruce is a novelist and screenwriter. In addition of her acclaimed novel, Death Steppe: A World War II Novel, several stories have been published from her Wind Series: Voices in the Wind, Alone in the Wind, Cries in the Wind, Fire in the Wind, Lies in the Wind, and Vengeance in the Wind. Judy maintains a website and a blog. She is a wife, mother, and sister residing in Omaha, Nebraska, and a Creighton University law school graduate. Her autistic son keeps her in touch with her quirky side.


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