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"Storms and Scarabs" by H. R. Hobbs

Storms and Scarabs
by H. R. Hobbs

Storms and Scarabs by H. R. Hobbs

Author H. R. Hobbs stops by today to share an excerpt from Storms and Scarabs, the first book in her new Time Chasers series. The book is ON SALE for only $0.99 for a limited time, so don’t miss out! 
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A spyglass. A rare amulet. An ancient prophecy. Trapped in the past.
Moving to his grandfather’s farm was the last thing Mitch Howell wanted, but his parents did it anyway. Left on his own, Mitch sneaks into the attic of his grandfather’s house and discovers a spyglass. Curious about the spyglass and its connection to his loony great-grandpa, he doesn’t realize it’s really a portal to the past and the key to an ancient prophecy until it’s too late. Thrown back in time to Ancient Egypt with his best friend, Brock, the boys are on a quest to find their way home. But they aren’t the only ones who know the powers of the spyglass.
Can Mitch and Brock get home before the spyglass falls into the wrong hands and changes the world forever?

The hinges of the bus door squealed open.  Mitch knew he only needed to take two steps to enter, but his feet refused to move.  The bus driver, who could barely see over the steering wheel, stared at him expectantly, his hand resting on the door lever.
"Mitch," his sister, Alyssa, hissed in his ear.  "Don't just stand there.  Get on the bus."
She shoved him in the back, and he stepped forward.
"Morning," the bus driver said as he reached the top of the steps.
"Morning," Mitch mumbled to the floor.
Not looking up, he threw his backpack in the first empty seat, landing on top of it.  Alyssa barrelled past him.  He glared at her retreating back before he slid over and stared at his reflection in the glass of the bus window, ignoring the bright green shoots of wheat poking through the ground in a field beside the road.
His mom was right--he looked miserable.  Which wasn't a surprise to Mitch. He felt miserable.  He'd felt that way ever since they moved to Fairview.  what was surprising was that his mom even noticed.  She was so busy unpacking and helping Dad on the farm, he wasn't sure she knew he existed anymore.
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Praise for the Book
“Perfect for an upper grade school or middle school aged boy. I am not a boy, and yet I also found this book to be enjoyable and it kept me turning the page even until 1am! Can't wait for the next book in the series! Love H.R. Hobbs! She is a gifted storyteller.” ~ LLM
“This is a fun read from the start, and holds the mystery and suspense throughout. It also deals well with themes around accepting and handling change in life, which is especially great for tween and teen readers. I am looking forward to book 2 of the series.” ~ Melanie
“I would have loved to have had this to read as a child. Anyone who has ever felt like an outsider growing up (and who has not I imagine) will relate to the struggle to make friends and find your place in a new setting. The imagery is great, interesting setting in ancient Egypt ... and it moves along. A terrific gift for the 8-12 year old reader in your household or family.” ~ LLC
“The mystery is what kept me going through the entire book. Mitch and Brock were so believable I thought that I was sitting right there during their adventure. I held my breath every time I though Mitch was about to find the answer to his great grand father George. Well put together and a great read for all ages. I will be recommending this story to my 12 year old nephew and my other nephews as well.” ~ foxglove1028
“The author has a real talent and a fabulous way with words. The story effortlessly unfolds with authenticity - especially in regards to the relationship the boys have and how they interact with others. The main storyline was cleverly interwoven with other subplots and life lessons that kept the story moving at a fast clip. I loved how the author had shared a fair amount of interesting Egyptian history which was delivered in an artful, natural manner rather than an info dumping overload. I can’t wait to share this book with my children and have no doubt it will be a favourite on the shelf!! I look forward to reading book 2.” ~ Corina Ann Douglas

About the Author
H. R. Hobbs
H. R. Hobbs is the pen name of Heather Hobbs, Amazon-bestselling author of a series of compassionate and empowering stories for middle-grade readers.
As an introvert who spent most of middle school with her nose stuck in a book, Heather empathizes with her young readers, and her mission is to ensure that they recognize and relate to her characters’ struggles with typical middle school issues such as belonging, friendship, and bullying. The first two books in her Breaking the Rules series, See Me and Hear Me, have received five-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews in the Young Adult category.
A lifelong learner and teacher with a fascination for people’s stories, Hobbs challenged herself to write in 2015 as a retirement project. She believes we all have a story to tell and encourages writers of all ages to find their voice, speak their truth and tell their story.
Recently, she began art lessons with the hopes of illustrating her own children’s books in the future.
Heather is the mother to three grown sons (who shake their heads at her antics) and grandmother to three little darlings. She resides with her husband in the small prairie town where she was born and raised.


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