Thursday, November 1, 2018

"The Broken Branches" by Becky Villareal

The Broken Branches
by Becky Villareal

The Broken Branches by Becky Villareal

Author Becky Villareal stops by today to share an excerpt from her new young adult novel, The Broken Branches, which was released today.
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A school project begins a journey for Sarafina Garcia that will change her life forever. In an attempt to gain a scholarship to a prestigious school, she is thrown headfirst into a labyrinth of family history that will confuse and deepen her search.
“Don’t dig up old bones,” was the response Sarafina received from her mother when she asked for help. What was it in the family history that was so horrible that she wouldn’t discuss it? Only by delving into historical records will she solve the lingering mystery of her parentage and mend the broken branches of her childhood one last time.

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There was a hard freeze in our area a few years back. The ice was so thick and heavy many branches of the ancient trees in our neighborhood swept the ground in despair. Others broke underneath the tremendous weight, unable to withstand the burden.
I look at these trees like people. When faced with a hard dilemma, some take it in stride, bear up, and continue to grow with the coming of spring. Others fracture beneath the weight and crush everything around them.
When I found out the truth about my family, I could feel myself buckling. All through this journey, I prayed I wouldn’t shatter into a thousand pieces and destroy everything around me.

Praise for the Book
“Becky Villareal’s coming of age novella for young adults, The Broken Branches, is a beautifully written and moving story about a young woman’s search for her identity. I was transfixed as Sarafina slowly and carefully recovers the broken branches of her family tree in her research for a school project that takes on a much deeper dimension for her and her mom. I loved following her genealogical research and seeing how her and her mom interact with Nicole, a former classmate, who helps Sarafina see her home and straitened circumstances through different eyes. Becky Lee Villareal’s characters are compelling and credible, and her plot works quite well. The Broken Branches is most highly recommended.” ~ Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

About the Author
Becky Villareal
Becky Villareal was born in Dallas, Texas in 1954 to Missionary parents who traveled throughout the Southwest. Though her experiences as a child, she has learned the benefit of being multicultural in a diverse society. She loves working on her family history and incorporating her experiences in her writing. Becky travels throughout the country working with libraries and genealogical societies in order to encourage family participation in genealogical research.
She also loves to read, color, spend time with her family, and help other novice writers.