Thursday, November 29, 2018

"As the Flowers Bloom" by Cheryl T. Long

As the Flowers Bloom
by Cheryl T. Long

As the Flowers Bloom by Cheryl T. Long

Author Cheryl T. Long stops by today to share an excerpt from As the Flowers Bloom. Also available: Bursting of the Flower.

Bursting of the Flower by Cheryl T. Long

Living in a two-parent home would seem ideal, but for this little girl.
Cherish Flowers is a six-year-old child prostitute trafficked by her father, and her mother knew about it. Although severely sexually and mentally abused, she finds a way to deal with her life as it is. She takes solace in her ability to dance.
Cherish is in love with the dancing, but can she survive the daily travails of her life?
With no formal training other than her passion for dancing, Cherish has finally gotten her big break, but it might cost her everything. Unable, to put the nightmares of her past and the man that abused her out of her mind, she soon finds herself spiraling under those bright lights.
Will this flower bloom? Or will she wilt?

My clammy hands were shivering hard, and for the thousandth time, I wished the spotlights weren’t on me.
How much time had elapsed? What seemed like a second, turned into an hour. It really didn’t matter, at least, not to the audience. Everyone was waiting for me to make the first move. Everyone expected me to be bold, to dance like I’ve done nearly all of the twenty-six years of my life. Look at me standing here in this white dove like outfit all dolled up. If only they knew where I started would they still want to see me dance? As I looked again, I saw myself back down in the gutter with a rope tightened around my neck. They all wanted to see the petals of the flower, but they didn’t know this flower’s story.
I’ve blocked out a lot from my childhood, but I still had those horrible flashbacks from time to time. You know those flashbacks that pull you out of your sleep in a mantic sweat. There are so many terror-filled recollections of abuse and neglect. I remember seeing my mother being kicked and strangled and being mentally abused by my father. Hell, I still carry the scars of my own abuse from him too.
A second thought formed in my head, I knew it was a mistake; I should not be thinking about my past. Not now! It’s time to dance! I screamed silently, but I could feel the memories drawing closer. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to focus on something, anything else.
But that has never been enough to keep out the pain.
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Praise for the Book
“The writer’s expertise is shown in the way she carves out different details and scenarios as relating to human experiences with style, engulfing the reader in a world of raw truths and situations. From the first page to the last, her writing style and story continuity is sure to keep you glued till you get to the end.” ~ Delaware News Reporter
“Amazing book. Must read!” ~ Bryan johnson
“This book is a true page turner. Keeps you reading to the end. It is hard to put down!!!” ~ Jacquie reading

About the Author
Cheryl T. Long
Cheryl T. Long was born and raised in Philadelphia and has always loved writing stories. While in the fifth grade, Cheryl had a teacher who really sparked her interest in writing. He always told her that her story telling was quite unique for her age. From that moment on, Cheryl had one vision in her mind - give the people around her an imaginative outlet. She is a mother of four beautiful children and enjoys cooking, fishing, and talking.