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"The Night that Jimi Died" by Darragh J. Brady

The Night that Jimi Died
by Darragh J. Brady

The Night that Jimi Died by Darragh J. Brady

Author and musician Darragh J. Brady stops by today to share an excerpt from his debut novel, The Night that Jimi Died.
For another book by this author, please check out my blog post on his memoir, Road Tales.

What if souls could cross over at the point of life and death ...?
What if your life was pre-ordained as a result of such a meeting as you were entering into the world ...?
Kirsty born in Knightsbridge Infirmary London, the same hospital that a famous American Rock Hero had died in 20 years before.
Could there be a connection between these two completely unlikely connected people ...?
Could Kirsty have the ability to hear the voice of this American Rock Star as she grows up to be one of the greatest Guitar Heros of her time ...?
Follow this strange tale of Angelic guidance as this reluctant Female Rock Star hero brings the world back from the brink through her incredible Music!

Chapter 6
Getting Even
Virgin Airways flight from Seattle touched down in London on a cold mid-winter morning. There had been a cold snap across Europe, which had seen temperatures drop to minus 40 in Eastern Europe. But strangely, as if protected by the gods, London was crisp.
Kirsty and Mary had been silent all through the flight as they got used to this new way of communicating via their minds. They had some time to catch up but Kirsty did not reveal all her plans, just enough to let Mary know that they would make some changes to the people she choose to have around her. The changes were welcome in Mary’s world because they meant dropping the vampires from their inner circle.
Touching down Mary’s South London home, they were surrounded by the press. They had been tagged from the airport.
Their driver did his best to make it harder for them, but everyone knew where they would be heading. It would be a media fest as it had been in Seattle, with press trying to gain a story by any means necessary.
And if they didn’t get an interview, they just made it up; the more messed up, the better. Kirsty knew they would have to relocate, as this would not be a good place to push her battle plans to the next stage.
She was looking for a higher ground, somewhere out of the spotlight, somewhere out of the capital. She had some time to figure out what her next moves were going to be.
But as far as she was concerned, she had been given a green light to smash the system. It was time the old order was brought down and replaced with a new breed of ideas. The only place to hit the main stream thinkers was in the pocket. At the end of the day, that was all the profiteers cared about, as the human story was a blowback from the drama of exploitation.
Kirsty was seeing things in a different light now; money and profit needed to be put in balance and worked within the nature of cause and effect. Money made everything alright in the eyes of the masses. Success was a drug you had to have at all costs.
It was easy to sell a blurred vision to a population that had been lied to from birth and held on a financial string that could be pulled and dropped whenever the powers that be needed too. It was an easy game to play, messing with the heads of the gullible, even enjoyable in some power circles.
Kirsty spoke for the first time since they met at the hospital. “Mum, where’s my birth certificate?”
“Why, hun?”
“Because I want to RIP it.”
“Have you lost your mind?”
“No mind I gained it.”
“You can’t do that.” Mary was shocked by her daughter’s request.
“You know what, Mum? I fucking can.”
“Why would you want to?”
“Because it is the document that states you are owned by a government. A slave till you die and then given another one to say that you need to pay your last bit of tax before you fade from memory.”
“Love, you are overreacting!”
“No Mum, you need to RIP yours too.”
“We are not slaves. No one is!”
“We are born to be Free, not chained to some game that we don’t know where in or even know the rules to play it by.
“Kirsty, listen to me!” Mary took a more serious tone. “There’s a savage legion of press out there that are waiting to hear you say something and if the first thing is something like that, they will lock you up. You have a platform and people will listen, but you have to make sure you do it the right way, or you will lose it as quickly as you got it. I understand you want to change things, but you have to do it from within the system infiltrate and then double-cross as your Grandfather used to say.”
“You’re right, Mum. I know we will have to keep our cards closed, but I promise you there will be a revolution and it will be televised.”
Mary nodded nervously, “Just be careful. I do not want to lose you a second time.”
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Praise for the Book
“Great book!”  ~ Ollie Barnett on Goodreads
“I read this over two days on holiday. Very easy book to read. Most interesting and unusual concept. Loved reading about the well known musicians sadly missed, who suddenly came to life for me again in the book. Excellent ending and well worth a read if you want something completely different. Peace out.” ~ Mrs Susan E. Fehlinger on

About the Author
Darragh J. Brady
Irish-born Darragh J. Brady is a rock steady musician and writer who is not afraid to go out on the edge if it means bringing something good back from it.
Dar.Ra has graced the UK national charts and dance charts with two top 40s and two number one dance records with acts signed to EMI, BMG, Festival Records (Australia), plus remixed legends like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears for Fears, Urban Harmonix ft Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada), and many others along the way.
He has lived his life in recording studios around the world making some amazing sonic masterpieces along the way, from Dance to Rock to World Music and back again, and runs his own record label, Kusha Deep Music.
His first solo album Soul Hours released in 2010 made album of the week of Spain’s Heart FM as well as received support from BBC Radio, playing to over 1 million people in one on air live show.
His follow up album Battle Hymns has been used on various TV and Film projects from BBC’s Match Of The Day to US ABC TV films starring Hilary Duff.
Dar.Ra wrote and produced the music for US documentary City of Hope, which told the story of the street kids of São Paulo and how two Americans set up one of the most successful schools, with literally no money.
He has also recently been asked to join the writing team on the strength of his first book, for a new film project set in Wales about the Welsh Uprising against Edward 1st in the 12 century, which will have a Game Of Thrones feel about it.
Road Tales follows his adventures on the road as a touring musician, opening up a whole new dimension by introducing us to amazing people from around the globe to gain insight from their life challenges. Each chapter explores the realms of possibility and what it means to be alive in the 21st century, asking questions such as what is faith, what is altruism what makes people do amazing things while they are here on the planet, while others settle for a life more ordinary.
The Night that Jimi Died is his first novel.