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"Freaking Fast" by David Pereda

Freaking Fast
by David Pereda

Freaking Fast by David Pereda

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The city is Asheville, North Carolina, and the year is 2066. As renowned mathematician Alexandra Martin travels in her self-driving car to assassinate the love of her life, she reminisces about how they met and fell in love fifty years earlier in middle school when she was a thirteen year old poor math whiz and he a wealthy teenager. Alex recounts her struggles to be admitted to the best private school in the county, her happy teenage years running track, and her close relationship with three handsome and charming boys: Xavier, the intellectual; Andrew, the golden boy; and Vitali, the suave foreigner. One by one, she visits the three boys of her youth, now successful professionals in their sixties, one of whom is her intended victim.

The road curves away but Andrew keeps the car on a straight line, riding on the well-manicured lawn, heading at dizzying speed toward the trees. I glance at the speedometer. We are going at 135 miles an hour already and gaining speed. We’re going to crash. My heart is beating so fast I think it’s going to break through my ribcage.
The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, I’m thinking. I’m never going to carry out my plan. In a few more seconds I’m going to be dead, together with Andrew.
Fifty meters from the trees, Andrew pulls on the stick shift and, suddenly, we are flying. What? Wings have sprouted from the door panels and a tail has emerged from the rear. Andrew pulls hard on the stick, so we can clear the trees. I quickly calculate the angle of ascension as my head flattens against the back of the seat. Estimating the distance to the tree line and the height of the trees, I use the Pythagorean Theorem to gauge the hypotenuse: the angle of ascension is forty-five degrees, maybe even a tad more. That’s steep.
Are we going to make it?
We do, barely, but we do.
‘Yeah!’ Andrew yells with excitement as he steadies Kitty. ‘Was that a rush, or what?’ He glances at me and starts laughing. ‘You look pale, Alex.’
I don’t remember Andrew being this crazy. He was always a little bit on the wild side, but this is not a little; this is a lot. I gasp for air and try to recover my composure. I can’t talk just yet. We are flying at about 500 feet above the ground. The lake looks beautiful below us. I check the speed – 220 miles an hour. Kitty is slicing through the air with hardly a sound, like a gust of wind.
‘This baby has a cruising speed of 300 miles an hour,’ Andrew says, as if reading my mind. ‘And a top speed of 400. This is the latest prototype.’
My heartbeat has slowed down enough for me to speak.
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Praise for the Book
“I found the story compelling and especially enjoyed the deep and meaningful analysis of how Alex dealt with both success and failure… the little asides relating to current events of today are both relevant and clever on the author’s part. This was an extremely easy book to read and I can definitely recommend it for not just young adults, but for all those young at heart and especially anyone who tried to follow their dreams. Freaking Fast is an excellent read.” ~ Grant Leishman for Readers Favorite
“A Creative and Intelligent Read … truly one of a kind, rich in detail. Several characters add an element of mystery and adventure. The final chapters are full of surprising twists and turns.” ~ Deborah Lloyd
Freaking Fast is a fantastic must read! The story begins in 2066 and it is no secret that Alexandra is going to kill the love of her life. The how, where and when are only revealed at the end and are mind boggling. The creative imagination is phenomenal.” ~ Myken A. Brady
“Wow ... talk about a book that can blow your mind. David Pereda meet Jules Verne meet Pythagoras meet Alfred Hitchcock! This book kept my interest from page 1 to the end. It is amazing in many ways: intelligent, imaginative and entertaining. Magnificent read and unputdownable plot... Highly recommend.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

About the Author
David Pereda is the award-winning author of nine novels, including Havana Blues and However Long the Night, as well as the Havana Series of thrillers featuring the dashing Doctor Raymond Peters and the beautiful but deadly Cuban assassin Marcela. He has traveled to more than thirty countries and speaks four languages. Before devoting his time solely to writing and teaching, David had a successful international consulting career with global giant Booz Allen Hamilton, where he worked with the governments of Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Qatar, among others.
A member of MENSA, David earned his MBA from Pepperdine University in California. He earned bachelor degrees in English literature and mathematics at the University of South Florida in Tampa.
He lives in artistic Asheville, North Carolina, with his youngest daughter Sophia, where he teaches mathematics and English at the Asheville-Buncombe Community College. He loves sports and is an accomplished competitor in track and show-jumping equestrian events.

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